Step 1: QAHS Class of 1974 45th Reunion Directory

Your input for our reunion effort is a two step process. The steps are:
1) Provide classmate directory information, coming or not.
2) Make your reservations for the Saturday event and pay using a credit/debit card via PayPay.

Step 1:
Please enter the following information so that we can be sure we have current information for you. We would like this information for all class of '74 alums, whether you are able to come to the reunion or not.

If you need to correct any entry after you have clicked the submission button, you will need to complete this entire Directory form again. So please check it over for accuracy before submission. If you have questions about anything on this form, send them to us at Thank you!

Note: Your contact information is for our class directory provided only to your classmates, and for the Queen Anne HS Alumni Assoc. for their notification purposes. Your personal information provided here will NOT be available on-line or to others without your permission.

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