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Name Class E-mail Address Comment
Julie A (Alin) Perreault '80 juliealin[at]hotmail.com
Mary Allenbach '80 MaryAlice.Allenbach[at]kingcounty.gov
Nicole (Altschull) Wortley '80 wortleyzoo[at]earthlink.net
Ken "Kayo" Anderson '80 running262[at]hotmail.com Graduated Mechanical Engineering UW in '86 and MBA UW in '03. Live in Bothell, worked for a large aerospace company since 1986. I have 3 Sons. My Oldest (Sean) is as WSU, my second oldest James is at the UW (House Divided) and Harry, my youngest, is at Inglemoor HS.
Dayna J (Banford) Reid '80 silver_charm_2[at]yahoo.com
Dan Bogart '80 dsbogey3[at]comcast.net
Angela L "Angie" (Bowman/Cloudman) Beaulac '80 abeaulac[at]aol.com Although I only attended very briefly, I remember many former classmates - mostly from Blaine Jr. High. Would love to hear from you.
Bill Burkland '80 shawn-burkland[at]comcast.net
Ronald D "Ron" Camp '80 ronald.camp[at]uregina.ca Associate Dean of the Levene Graduate School of Business at the University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada.
Lephuong "Fong" Chau '80 Lephuongmendoza[at]hotmail.com
Diane (Clary) Mundy '80 mundy.diane[at]gmail.com
Tim A Crow '80 timacrow[at]comcast.net Living in Magnolia.
Worked as a recording engineer at Muzak until they moved out of state, then worked in the IT department at Premera Blue Cross and now at Molina Healthcare.
EDNA (DELA CRUZ) SANOY '80 iesanoy[at]yahoo.com
Anthony C. "Tony" Eayrs '80 skylineace[at]comcast.net Married 15 years to a knockout, two handsome boys 5 & 12, working for King County Int'l Airport in govt. finance. UW grad-class of '86-Go Huskies! Wishing Grizzlies all the best...
Jenny (Fowler) Smith '80 jenfsmith[at]me.com
Fr. Pat Freitag '80 father.freitag[at]gmail.com Greetings in the name of the Lord! God called and led me out of corporate America to proclaim salvation and sanctify souls in the name of Jesus as a Catholic priest since 1996. I am currently the pastor of St. Monica, Mercer Is. Come see me sometime. All QA Grizzlies and their families are welcome!
Sara (Gerstner) Koehler '80 sara4k[at]outlook.com
Todd G. Hagan '80 thagan[at]Windermere.com
Julie (Hasson) Chin '80 JHasson1[at]aol.com Shoreline, WA
Jasmine Hatami '80 jhatami[at]mac.com
Christopher L "Chris" Holmes '80 3thehardway[at]q.com All's well, self employed for 25 yrs. now working for the county for 10 yrs. Blessed with 3 children. Oldest child is now a Doctor, middle baby is 5th grade school teacher, my son attends Bellevue College. Yes, it's a wonderful life
John Lagazo '80 lagazoj[at]ymail.com * Greetings All! I have been in Michigan for the last few years, working as an independent hospitality consultant (open to finding a permanent position).
Kevin Lyons '80 Need Valid Email Marysville, WA
Whitney Mason '80 whitneymason[at]comcast.net Major, USMC -- finally stationed back in Seattle!
Mardie A (McMullin) Spalinger '80 Mardie4[at]gmail.com Married, two son's, business owner and big game hunter in Laurel Montana.
Gloria J "Glo" Modica '80 socihairstudio[at]aol.com I still live in Seattle. Was married now divorced. I have two wonderful boys Jesse 16 and Brandon 13, they are the loves of my life! I own a salon in Greenlake called Soci hair studio. The salon has been there 10 years can't believe it. Hi to everyone.
Matt Ohlinger '80 mattohlinger[at]msn.com Senior superintendent for Alliance Development. Two adult children (27 & 24), 1 grand daughter. Officiating Junior Hockey & mentoring Youth Hockey officials in the Greater Seattle area since 99'.
Go Grizzlies
Marci E (Packard) Walden '80 mwalden[at]spu.edu I live in Magnolia and work at Seattle Pacific University, married Dennis Walden and have two kids; Jeffrey 13 & Christina 3-1/2.
Peggy Paul '80 peggypaul7[at]comcast.net
Anne Marie (Samson) Reichlin '80 ana083102[at]yahoo.com
Suzanne M "Sue" (Schuller) Allen '80 sueallen12[at]outlook.com Four children. Oceanside, CA
Janet Smith '80 smithjanetc[at]yahoo.com Woodinville, Wa
DOUGLAS B "Blake" Steward '80 bsteward[at]teampsc.com Married to Eva since 1993. Two kids, ages 10 & 13. Living in Modesto, CA since 1998. Dallas, TX from 1990-1998. Life is good.
Lois Sundling '80 lsundling[at]hotmail.com Pullman, WA
Lois M (Waliser) Shastany '80 Loismsh[at]aol.com
Lori R (Waterbury) Bulis '80 blbulis[at]aol.com Retired Stenographer and Real Estate. Now volunteer with the Red Cross and seniors. No children, I was kind of selfish that way. Took 3 husbands but my husband of 18 yrs and I travel mostly now. I'm loving this age. Oh, living on Lobo Golf Course, Dutch Hill, Snohomish. Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Karen
Karen E (Weschler) Kennedy '80 fourkennedys[at]hotmail.com Greetings from upstate NY. I'm teaching 1st grade, enjoying my terrific family and hope all is well with friends from QA.
Theresa R "Terri" (Westvang) Williams '80 theresa.williams62[at]yahoo.com Currently living in Louisiana. Vice President, CNO of major hospital. 3 children and one grandchild on the way.
Karen C "Carmel" (Wowaras) Dennis '80 seahawkdenn[at]aol.com Living in South FLorida with my husband Kirk and woud love to hear from you.
Laurie M (Wright) Angell '80 laurie_angell[at]msn.com I have been married for 31 years and have 4 kids and 3 grandkids. We live in Lynnwood.
Diane (Allenbach) Castanes '81 castanesfamily[at]comcast.net Keep in touch!
Richard Anderson '81 Richoanderson[at]gmail.com Living in Edmond, OK with wife of 23 years (Hilda) and two great kids. Moved to California for 20 years after grduating from Whitman College. On Facebook.
Robert J Anderson '81 randersontt[at]gmail.com Living in Mill Creek, wife, 2 kids in college, 2 cats and a dog. Program Manager at Astronics Custom Control Concepts in Kent.
Lori J (Attleson) Kendall '81 lkendall[at]knightoiltools.com Additional email address is lorikendall@hotmail.com
Jeff R Backstrom '81 Jeff[at]skylineinw.com I have migrated to the East side of the state, now living and loving Spokane.
Robin Bell '81 robindiannebell[at]gmail.com
Ed Bol '81 queenanneguy[at]hotmail.com Seattle, WA. QAHSAA Board member.
Kerry S. Bucklin '81 kbucklin[at]bucklinevenslaw.com Graduate of the last class (1981) and the author of the governing documents for Queen Anne High School Condominium (sorry about that).
John R Bulpin '81 paidtheprice63[at]yahoo.com
Felicia Carstens '81 feleciacarstens63[at]gmail.com Whattup, Grizzlies...I'm still living in Indiana for the last 16 years, and now LEGALLY married to my partner Yvonne and Grandma to 9 children..I hope everyone else from Queen Anne is also 'living the dream' and are experiencing total happiness at this point in their lives, too...and I am STILL SOBER, off of vodka since I met my wife, lol...:)
Anderson F "Andy" Castaneda '81 andersoncastaneda[at]sbcglobal.net Hello class of 1981!! I'm trying to find my old good friends Alan Dong or Anthony Minor. If you know anyhing about them please contact me
Donald Cowman '81 mach2speed[at]comcast.net Married to Kathy Giles ('79). Still living in Magnolia.
Doug W. Daman '81 daman.doug[at]gmail.com
Marjorie L "Margie" (Droll) Sorenson '81 macgrudder363[at]gmail.com Married. Divorced. Bought a little tavern called the "Rockport Pub" in beautiful Rockport Washington, right on the Skagit River. 4 years and going strong. Come up and see us!
Linda M Eaves '81 eaves.linda[at]gmail.com I enjoy traveling but get homesick after too many days away. Seattle will always be home to me.
Sherri E (Edge) Vann '81 eecsgeek1[at]hotmail.com After QAHS I moved around a bit, got a technical degree, joined the USAF, ended up in CA in the 90s and worked to get my Electrical Engineering degree from CAL (Go Bears!!!). Moved back up to the Pacific NW to be close to my grandparents in their final years and ended up staying here in Portland. I met my wife of almost 10 years and we have 2 girls that we adore. I work for a semiconductor company and love my job. Life has been pretty good after QAHS:)
Melanie Ernst '81 melanielernst[at]gmail.com Hello QA grads,
I'm one of the few still in the neighborhood, in Magnolia for the last 25 years. I have a daughter in college and a husband of 25 years.
Kim (Fisher) Betten '81 sonflower6335[at]yahoo.com
Tracy A Forest '81 tashvyn[at]yahoo.com
Susan (Forman) Blakely '81 njblakely[at]aol.com Married my Montana man in 1987. Four kids, 8-19. Coach soccer. Live in Spokane. Certified real estate stager and redesign professional. Oldest daughter is sophomore at Seattle U so we get over there as much as we can.
Barney Giles '81 Barnster[at]q.com Greetings Grizzlies! Loving life in West Seattle, working in IT Project Managment at Boeing, 23 yrs now. Marshill Church for 6 yrs. Flooded with memeories of the good old QA days.
BRENDA K GLASGOW '81 b.glasgow[at]comcast.net
James Goodman '81 jgoodman[at]windermere.com I still live in Magnolia. I'm a Realtor with Windermere Real Estate in the Magnolia office...nice commute. I have one son and a grandson who was born in July 2009.
Connie (Haas) Morrison '81 Haasconl[at]comcast.net Howdy, everyone!
Heather Hem '81 royal.highness[at]Frontier.com
Robin L "None" Hopkins '81 Robinhopkins[at]gmail.com Hi my name is Robin Hopkins I am a Graduate from the class of 1981. And I would appreciate if someone would get in touch with me about the reunion for the Class of 1981.
Tina (Jensen) Crook '81 tcrook542[at]gmail.com I live outside of Portland, Or. and going back to school to get my AA in Business Administration. I am also on Facebook.
Paul W. Landreth '81 landrethpw[at]gmail.com Greetings all class of 81, just wanted to say hi to all and hope all is well with you and your families. I am currently stationed at Vandenberg AFB, CA and will retire from the Air Force this year, I hope to see all
of you at the upcoming class reunion, take care and best wishes to all of you.
Mary C "Mae" (Langston) Moldenhauer '81 mmoldenhauer[at]hotmail.com
Debra A. "Debbie" (Masters) Ackerman '81 Need Valid Email Mom of 2 boys, Tom & Jesse, both "double Grizzly legacies" & would have been 4th generation at QAHS as my grandmother, Mrs. Hayes, taught Home Ec for almost 30 years, & my mother, Frances Anne (Hayes) Masters, was Class of '57. I just became a grandma to Tommy III (generation 5?:-) and currently live in Bothell.
Sherry (McCaulley) Werth '81 wpod4[at]yahoo.com
John S. Miller '81 seniorchiefm[at]gmail.com Greetings to all you Grizzlies! Hello to all my swimming/cheerleading buddies.
18 months in the Middle East(for Uncle Sam), and I bring home a war bride...
Kate and I celebrated two years of marriage in March, a child on the way this October. South Seattle is our "Walden". Who can afford to live on Magnolia/Queen Anne?!?
Currently: Operation Watch Supervisor, Washington State Ferries.
US Navy Reserve: Senior Enlisted Advisor, NMORA 2089, Whidbey Island, WA.
KATHRYN E "KATIE" MOULSTER '81 ballardnaess[at]comcast.net
Darene "Dede" OBrien '81 dedeob[at]outlook.com
Mark D Owen '81 markdowen[at]frontier.com Living in Shoreline, WA with my beautiful wife Jill and two kids, Sarah 17 and Chris 15.
Teaching elementary school, biking, hiking, camping with the family, and climbing with my son. God is good!
Al Porcincula '81 alanporcincula[at]yahoo.com
Richard "Rich" Radcliffe '81 Rich37r[at]hotmail.com Hello Classmates, So this is where we tell what is happening, Well I live in Sammamish, been in the restaurant business for 5 years. Own a couple of Pizza restaurants, a lounge, and a fine dining establishment, which I named after my beautiful daughter, Called Katie's on the lake. Hope life is treating you all well. God bless
DANIEL E RUTHERFORD '81 drutherford[at]benbridge.com
Raquel C "Rocky" Silva '81 rockysilva[at]gmail.com
Raquel D. "Rocky" Silva '81 rockysilva[at]gmail.com Long live class of '81. As some of you know, I came to Chile on vacation in '82 and I decided to stay. I am an english teacher and work in elementary school. When's the next reunion? Love to hear from you guys!!!
Maggie (Sommers) Boyd '81 djmmsb[at]yahoo.com
Shawn (Sturlaugson) Burkland '81 shawn-burkland[at]comcast.net
David E Taylor '81 ddoubleeagle[at]aol.com
KURT J VanDROOF '81 kvandroof[at]comcast.net
Jim Waterbury '81 jw[at]rayborns.com
Kevin K White '81 kwhite[at]nbcsbc.org After 18 years as pastor in Longview WA moved to Reno NV August 2012 as the Executive Director of Nevada Baptist Convention. Married 29 years, 4 kids, 2 grandkids. Getting old but still hold very fond memories of QA. Love to hear from you.
Lenea V (Williams) Inscore '81 linscore[at]charter.net Hey everyone. I currently live in Crescent City, CA with my hubby of almost 26 yrs. Our oldest Brittany 24 was recently married. Our son Blake Jr. 21 is a Cpl in USMC, and Lindsay 19 is getting ready to start her second yr of college Life is great and we are blessed!
Jo Ann (Wyszynski) Marzetta '81 gopackattack[at]aol.com
Yvette V "Vicki" Bower '82 Vicbow[at]gmail.com
Nancy L. (Bryant) Gittelson '82 nlgittelson[at]gmail.com
D Jay "Jay" Camp '82 jay.camp[at]comcast.net
Joanne M (Chinn) Baxter '82 Jmbaxter06[at]yahoo.com
Mary (Freitag) Baroga '82 Marybaroga[at]hotmail.com
Alison D (MacKinnon) Ryan '82 adryan102[at]comcast.net Hi,

I live down in Kent with my husband of 21 years, and a 14 year old daughter. Nice to find this website. Alison
Matthew D Mason '82 matthewmason[at]outlook.com Graduated from Franklin but Grizzlies all the way! Great to see everyone here, feel free to find me on Facebook to say "hi" again. Hope you are all doing well!
Mona Celia R. Mercado '82 monamercado[at]yahoo.com I was a Junior in 1981 when Queen Anne High School closed it's doors.........we were supposed to be the last class "Class of 82" to graduate from there, but it just didn't happen. QAHS was filled with so many memories.....laughter, tears, victories, defeats, but most of all friendship, growth and education. Thank you to all the students and faculty that made QAHS un unforgettable place to have been a part of!
Robert "Bobby" Miller '82 bobbylmiller[at]gmail.com Looking for a few lost friends. Hello RB,KT,LW,BS,MT,MD,CR etc. Who gets together in Seattle anymore?
Marti "Muffy" (Miller) Reeder '82 martireeder[at]johnlscott.com "The QA Class that wasn't", I graduated from Roosevelt, lived in 7 different Seattle neighborhoods until I met my 2nd husband 21 years ago and moved to Kent where he owned property & built me a beautiful home and ran his construction business. Now you can find me, and the real estate team I manage @ www.martireeder.com
MATTHEW "MATT" PAULSEN '82 cpfitnesst[at]aol.com
Marlene (Roscoe) Vacknitz '82 fun2talk2[at]comcast.net Married and have two daughters - living in Kirkland WA.
Susan E Stella '82 sstella120[at]gmail.com
Trisha S. (Swain) Ponsler '82 Tsponsler[at]gmail.com
Darlene M Woo '82 Mulan.sails[at]gmail.com
Ross C. Aitken '83 rossandmindi[at]gmail.com Would love to hear from any of the old gang from Coe, Mclure or QA. Still frequent QA often..
Cecil C Caldwell '83 eldercaldwell[at]hotmail.com
Candice J "Candi" (Fisher) Mills '83 bojenjo[at]msn.com Queen Anne was the best. Unfortunately I was one of the students that had to finish my high school experience at Franklin in '83. We lost so many students to other schools life was never the same. Love to chat with anyone who went to North Queen Anne Elementary or McClure Jr High.
DEBORAH (MERRIMAN) PAULSEN '83 cpfitnesst[at]aol.com
Lynn W "Cheryl" (Williams) Dieterle '83 Lionlily[at]gmail.com Hello Everybody: Most of you know me as Cheryl Williams, sister to Lenea Williams. I like the most of the graduating class of 83 didn't get a chance to attend QAHS! but it continues to live in our hearts and our families just the same. I graduated from Roosevelt High school and went straight to college and graduated with a BA in Pre-Law. I have spent the last 24 years working for the University of Washington. I am married going on 11 years to the best guy in the world. We have no children. Currently we live in Federal way with our 2 dogs.
Clell "Ozzie" Woodcock '83 cawtech[at]comcast.net I miss QAHS