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Name E-mail Address Comment Updated
Fred I Abeles fredabe[at]hotmail.com 3/27/2016
Martin H. Arnold mharnold[at]sbcglobal.net Retired from ITT, now living in Milford, Connecticut, among family and friends. 4/2/2016
Jerry Berg jbprod[at]comcast.net Alive and well, living in the Bothell/Mill Creek area. 12/3/2009
Carol (Bergman) Warner jlwarneraz[at]comcast.net Now living in Tucson after living in San Diego for 20 years. 10/14/2006
Nick Blair nblair1[at]msn.com My wife of 48 years Caroline and I live in Port Orchard, Wa. We have 3 grown children and 8 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grandchild. I'm retired, But still own and operate a Pro Shop in the local Bowling Alley. 8/2/2009
Gleyn E Bledsoe Gleyn[at]live.com Still actively teaching in the School of Food Science (WSU/UIdaho, particularly overseas. Don't plan on retiring as long as I can make a difference. 6/12/2017
Edward "Ed" Clark ehclark2009[at]gmail.com I'm a Pharmacist in Alameda Ca .Have owned and operated my own Pharmacy here for 35 years. Like most in my class I'm thinking about retirement and moving back to Seattle where my daughter Julie and her twin babies dwell (Ballard). Hope to look up old friends..and make new ones! 8/22/2009
Sheila D. (Clay) Wood sheiladwood3419[at]gmail.com It's hard to believe that almost 50 years have passed since I left Q.A. High. I cherish the memories of those few short years and send my fond regards to the Class of 1960. 7/28/2009
Michael M. Crage mmcrage[at]hotmail.com 8/3/2005
Linda L. (Crary) Hopkins Need Valid Email I have been retired for many years and enjoy a low key life, my friends and family. 8/17/2011
Dianne L. (Ehtee) Sharp az2sharps[at]cox.net My husband, Larry Sharp (QA '59) and I moved to Sun City West, AZ in May, 2008 and we love living in the "valley of the sun". We are coming up to our 56th wedding anniversary and our three children and four grandchildren live in three other states--Washington, New York and Oregon. Larry enjoys playing golf and I am president of a local Aglow (Christian organization)chapter for almost 3 years and volunteer in a Healing Room once a week. Who knew retirement could be so much fun?! 3/28/2016
David L. Erue davidbobbi57[at]gmail.com I live on Vashon Island and retired many years back, currently I do metal art work and teach a welding class for beginners I live with my partner Bobbi , she is a gardener and we have a beautiful yard with flowers and artwork. I started art late but am catching up with many pieces across the U.S 7/18/2016
Kathy (Fey) Proctor Proctor.kathy[at]gmail.com Jim & I now live on Camano Isand on 5 acres where Jim cares for two ponies which he drives (carriage driving) on the property, two poodles and I take care of our cat. We are both retired. I had a wonderful career as a pediatric Occupational therapist. With a teacher I starting the first Infant intervention project in Sonoma Co CA the second in the state. When we moved back to the PNW I became the director of the WA Elks Therapy Program whose mission is to treat children with disablilities in the home. We have one child named Anne now 31. She lives in Lake Stevens and works in the IT business. She graduated from Sweet briar College in Virgina and loved her experience there..Jim has 4 other children, 7 grandchildren and 5 great grand children who live in Oregon, CA, & England. We love it when they visit. 7/31/2016
William "Bill" Henson bricky8400[at]gmail.com 9/11/2009
Riley E Jensen jensenriley186[at]gmail.com Living in Grand Rapids, MI with wife, Pam. Blended family with 3 grandchildren and four children. 3/31/2015
Barry Jones thebej[at]cox.net Retired and living in Las Vegas since 2007. Have three grown children and seven grandchildren. Married to Christina(Inglemoor HS 1966}. Still travel a lot. Try to get back to the Seattle-area once or twice a year, if it is not raining. 3/28/2016
Theodore S. "Ted" Kadet tsk[at]hopecliniconline.com Still alive as I post this - I've am a functional/neuro Optometrist, practice at Hope Clinic in Bellevue, WA. Live in Seattle, wife: Gay Silvestri. 8/6/2006
Jim Knox jimknox[at]wwdb.org My wife Marsha and I have been married 49 years and live in San Diego. We have two sons, a 21 year old grandson and two granddaughters ages 10 and 7. Any and all are welcome to contact us. 8/3/2005
Harumi K. (Kojima) Guiberson harumi_douglas[at]yahoo.com 9/29/2010
David G. "Dave" Krows dkrows[at]aol.com Married to Margaret Murphy (Holy Names,67) for 35 years, 4 grown kids, Retired from Port Of Seattle Police Dept in 1999, Active in boating & travel. Live in Kenmore, WA 2/18/2010
Janet K (Little) Warrick bluedog5to8[at]gmail.com 8/7/2015
Donald Lorentz donaldlorentz[at]gmail.com Seattle area. 1/1/2007
Carolyn (Markoff) May ccmay[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Marilyn M (Markoff) Southern tandem10[at]earthlink.net 8/3/2005
Elle Ann (Miller) Densmore Edesk111[at]gmail.com We live 3 blocks from QAHS on Tower Place. Our 3 kids and 1 grandson all live nearby on the hill. Travels, oil painting, gardening and family and friends keep us happy and busy. 3/27/2016
Robert "Bob" Mogren BobMogren[at]aol.com You will not find me in the 1960 yearbook with the rest of my class. Mr. Campbell and I decided in December of 1958 that we would all be better off if I joined the Navy - so I did. I attended last year's reunion in Magnolia and enjoyed seeing old friends. 8/3/2005
Michael D. Moore mdmlgm2[at]cox.net 3/2/2009
Susan (Morton) Soudah ssoudah[at]comcast.net 8/3/2005
Michaell M "Mike" Moss 3m.moss[at]gmail.com LIving in Tubac Az. Would welcome all to Arizona 4/5/2016
David Myers myers[at]hope.edu Living in Holland, Michigan, where since 1967 I have raised a family and have been (and remain) a Hope College professor of psychology, though now focused on authoring (mostly textbooks--see www.davidmyers.org). 3/20/2011
Thomas H. "Tom" Nyman nyman[at]alum.mit.edu [Mar16] Currently living in Haymarket, VA with my wife of 52 years, Judy Ann Craig (Sealth-60). Our two daughters/sons-in-law, and five grandchildren live within 90 minutes so we have lots of grand-parenting encounters. I graduated from the UoW (BSEE) in 1964 and took a position with Bell Labs in New Jersey. They sent me to MIT to get my SMEE. I then attended OCS at Newport, served my Naval obligation, and took a position with The MITRE Corp, a Federally Funded R&D Center, in the Washington DC area. My total 33 years with MITRE was interrupted twice, first by a 3-yr appointment with the Office of SecDef (managing DoD Lab's investments in Technology), and then another yr with Gen Research Corp (serving as US member of the NATO MIDS Team, living in The Hague). I joined the Naval Reserves while a Senior at QA, served 3+ years active during Vietnam, remained an active reservist after, and finally retired from the Navy in 1992 after 32 years. I retired from MITRE in 2009. We are cur 3/27/2016
Jan Phillips mrjanphillips[at]yahoo.com I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, and pine for fresh salmon instead of the walleye that they call "fish" around here. 8/3/2005
Judie A (Reinholm) McNeill jmcneil[at]acford.co.nz Still living in New Zealand. 3/27/2008
Jim Rice ricejma[at]comcast.net Moved from Queen Anne Hill to Richmond Beach area in 1983. Married 35 years to Mary Ann; 2 sons and 1 grandson. Recently retired from Port of Seattle Marine Division (35.5 years). Actually "semi-retired" as I am still Organist of Central Lutheran, Everett. Great web site! Would enjoy hearing from others from class of '60 and any class. 8/3/2005
Lynne T. (Shekter) Kluger terilyn401[at]yahoo.com 2/24/2007
Lynn (Sherman) Rice klmorris3[at]comcast.net Graduated from the University of Arizona in 1964, lived eight years in San Francisco Bay area, returned to Tucson in 1977, and began working in the field of residential real estate appraisal - and, am still doing so. My two children and grandchildren live in Tucson also. Would love to hear from you! 8/3/2005
Timothy R. Smith clsmith813[at]aol.com San Jose, Ca 8/11/2007
Sally A (Sroufe) Webster Jetstwo[at]comcast.net I stay busy overseeing the business side of my 2 Adult Family Homes I own with my daughter. She is our nurse and I spoil our 12 residents. Elder care It is very rewarding and I want to make sure there is a spot for me when I get old!!!

In my spare time I play golf and travel.
Ellen A. (Sundahl) Fallihee ellenandjack[at]hotmail.com I've lived in Oregon since the 70's. Now enjoy country life outside Portland. 6/18/2010
Karl E Swanson karl_e_swanson[at]yahoo.com I joined the Army immediately following graduation and wound up spending 27 years on active with a break to earn a degree in History for the UW. Twenty of those 27 years were spent overseas and along with the 17 years is spent working for the Army as a civilian in Korea, I haven't been around much. I'm now retired in Mukilteo. 6/18/2016
Valerie V (Veirs) Orlosky vorlosky[at]aol.com 9/9/2010
David C Watson swatsondc[at]gmail.com Retired School Principal, Retired Volunteer Firefighter
Living in Gig Harbor with Susann (Cleveland 62) married in 63, 3 children, 9 grandkids all in Gig Harbor
Enjoy our Cabin on Lake 12, Black Diamond, Motorhome trips, Navy Reunions around US
Richard J. "Dick" Weinsoft rweinsoft[at]hotmail.com 7/25/2013
Joanne (Williams) Bledsoe jhb918[at]comcast.net 5/2/2016
Olivia A "Livvy" (Wolfe) Hawley olivia3718[at]gmail.com Moved to Spokane in the early 90's. I have one son living in Seattle. 11/29/2007
Douglas J Wyman wymand[at]comcast.net Happy to be back in the PNW and living on Tiger Mountain. The third retirement might just work as the rural life is a lot more fun. 3/5/2013
Barbara J. "Barb" (Yantis) Meismer gmeismer[at]lakemac.net I left Queen Anne in my junior year to move to Colorado. I would love to hear from you. 4/9/2010
Tom Zirk tzirk[at]hotmail.com 3/31/2016