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Name Class E-mail Address Comment
Fred I Abeles '60 fredabe[at]hotmail.com
Martin H. Arnold '60 mharnold[at]sbcglobal.net Retired from ITT, now living in Milford, Connecticut, among family and friends.
Jerry Berg '60 jbprod[at]comcast.net Alive and well, living in the Bothell/Mill Creek area.
Carol (Bergman) Warner '60 jlwarneraz[at]comcast.net Now living in Tucson after living in San Diego for 20 years.
Nick Blair '60 nblair1[at]msn.com My wife of 48 years Caroline and I live in Port Orchard, Wa. We have 3 grown children and 8 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grandchild. I'm retired, But still own and operate a Pro Shop in the local Bowling Alley.
Gleyn E Bledsoe '60 Gleyn[at]live.com Still actively teaching in the School of Food Science (WSU/UIdaho, particularly overseas. Don't plan on retiring as long as I can make a difference.
Edward "Ed" Clark '60 ehclark2009[at]gmail.com I'm a Pharmacist in Alameda Ca .Have owned and operated my own Pharmacy here for 35 years. Like most in my class I'm thinking about retirement and moving back to Seattle where my daughter Julie and her twin babies dwell (Ballard). Hope to look up old friends..and make new ones!
Sheila D. (Clay) Wood '60 sheiladwood3419[at]gmail.com It's hard to believe that almost 50 years have passed since I left Q.A. High. I cherish the memories of those few short years and send my fond regards to the Class of 1960.
Michael M. Crage '60 mmcrage[at]hotmail.com
Linda L. (Crary) Hopkins '60 ladyloubug[at]yahoo.com I have been retired for many years and enjoy a low key life, my friends and family.
Steve D Daniels '60 Need Valid Email Living in North Pole Alaska and spending some winter tIme in Las Vegas
Dianne L. (Ehtee) Sharp '60 az2sharps[at]cox.net My husband, Larry Sharp (QA '59) and I moved to Sun City West, AZ in May, 2008 and we love living in the "valley of the sun". We are coming up to our 56th wedding anniversary and our three children and four grandchildren live in three other states--Washington, New York and Oregon. Larry enjoys playing golf and I am president of a local Aglow (Christian organization)chapter for almost 3 years and volunteer in a Healing Room once a week. Who knew retirement could be so much fun?!
David L. Erue '60 davidbobbi57[at]gmail.com I live on Vashon Island and retired many years back, currently I do metal art work and teach a welding class for beginners I live with my partner Bobbi , she is a gardener and we have a beautiful yard with flowers and artwork. I started art late but am catching up with many pieces across the U.S
Kathy (Fey) Proctor '60 Proctor.kathy[at]gmail.com Jim & I now live on Camano Isand on 5 acres where Jim cares for two ponies which he drives (carriage driving) on the property, two poodles and I take care of our cat. We are both retired. I had a wonderful career as a pediatric Occupational therapist. With a teacher I starting the first Infant intervention project in Sonoma Co CA the second in the state. When we moved back to the PNW I became the director of the WA Elks Therapy Program whose mission is to treat children with disablilities in the home. We have one child named Anne now 31. She lives in Lake Stevens and works in the IT business. She graduated from Sweet briar College in Virgina and loved her experience there..Jim has 4 other children, 7 grandchildren and 5 great grand children who live in Oregon, CA, & England. We love it when they visit.
William "Bill" Henson '60 bricky8400[at]gmail.com
Riley E Jensen '60 jensenriley186[at]gmail.com Living in Grand Rapids, MI with wife, Pam. Blended family with 3 grandchildren and four children.
Barry Jones '60 thebej[at]cox.net Retired and living in Las Vegas since 2007. Have three grown children and seven grandchildren. Married to Christina(Inglemoor HS 1966}. Still travel a lot. Try to get back to the Seattle-area once or twice a year, if it is not raining.
Theodore S. "Ted" Kadet '60 tsk[at]hopecliniconline.com Still alive as I post this - I've am a functional/neuro Optometrist, practice at Hope Clinic in Bellevue, WA. Live in Seattle, wife: Gay Silvestri.
Jim Knox '60 jimknox[at]wwdb.org My wife Marsha and I have been married 49 years and live in San Diego. We have two sons, a 21 year old grandson and two granddaughters ages 10 and 7. Any and all are welcome to contact us.
Harumi K. (Kojima) Guiberson '60 harumi_douglas[at]yahoo.com
David G. "Dave" Krows '60 dkrows[at]aol.com Married to Margaret Murphy (Holy Names,67) for 35 years, 4 grown kids, Retired from Port Of Seattle Police Dept in 1999, Active in boating & travel. Live in Kenmore, WA
Janet K (Little) Warrick '60 bluedog5to8[at]gmail.com
Donald Lorentz '60 donaldlorentz[at]gmail.com Seattle area.
Marilyn M (Markoff) Southern '60 tandem10[at]earthlink.net
Carolyn (Markoff) May '60 ccmay[at]comcast.net
Elle Ann (Miller) Densmore '60 Edesk111[at]gmail.com We live 3 blocks from QAHS on Tower Place. Our 3 kids and 1 grandson all live nearby on the hill. Travels, oil painting, gardening and family and friends keep us happy and busy.
Robert "Bob" Mogren '60 BobMogren[at]aol.com You will not find me in the 1960 yearbook with the rest of my class. Mr. Campbell and I decided in December of 1958 that we would all be better off if I joined the Navy - so I did. I attended last year's reunion in Magnolia and enjoyed seeing old friends.
Michael D. Moore '60 mdmlgm2[at]cox.net
Susan (Morton) Soudah '60 ssoudah[at]comcast.net
Michaell M "Mike" Moss '60 3m.moss[at]gmail.com LIving in Tubac Az. Would welcome all to Arizona
David Myers '60 myers[at]hope.edu Living in Holland, Michigan, where since 1967 I have raised a family and have been (and remain) a Hope College professor of psychology, though now focused on authoring (mostly textbooks--see www.davidmyers.org).
Thomas H. "Tom" Nyman '60 nyman[at]alum.mit.edu [Mar16] Currently living in Haymarket, VA with my wife of 52 years, Judy Ann Craig (Sealth-60). Our two daughters/sons-in-law, and five grandchildren live within 90 minutes so we have lots of grand-parenting encounters. I graduated from the UoW (BSEE) in 1964 and took a position with Bell Labs in New Jersey. They sent me to MIT to get my SMEE. I then attended OCS at Newport, served my Naval obligation, and took a position with The MITRE Corp, a Federally Funded R&D Center, in the Washington DC area. My total 33 years with MITRE was interrupted twice, first by a 3-yr appointment with the Office of SecDef (managing DoD Lab's investments in Technology), and then another yr with Gen Research Corp (serving as US member of the NATO MIDS Team, living in The Hague). I joined the Naval Reserves while a Senior at QA, served 3+ years active during Vietnam, remained an active reservist after, and finally retired from the Navy in 1992 after 32 years. I retired from MITRE in 2009. We are cur
Jan Phillips '60 mrjanphillips[at]yahoo.com I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, and pine for fresh salmon instead of the walleye that they call "fish" around here.
Judie A (Reinholm) McNeill '60 jmcneil[at]acford.co.nz Still living in New Zealand.
Jim Rice '60 ricejma[at]comcast.net Moved from Queen Anne Hill to Richmond Beach area in 1983. Married 35 years to Mary Ann; 2 sons and 1 grandson. Recently retired from Port of Seattle Marine Division (35.5 years). Actually "semi-retired" as I am still Organist of Central Lutheran, Everett. Great web site! Would enjoy hearing from others from class of '60 and any class.
Lynne T. (Shekter) Kluger '60 terilyn401[at]yahoo.com
Lynn (Sherman) Rice '60 klmorris3[at]comcast.net Graduated from the University of Arizona in 1964, lived eight years in San Francisco Bay area, returned to Tucson in 1977, and began working in the field of residential real estate appraisal - and, am still doing so. My two children and grandchildren live in Tucson also. Would love to hear from you!
Timothy R. Smith '60 clsmith813[at]aol.com San Jose, Ca
Sally A (Sroufe) Webster '60 Jetstwo[at]comcast.net I stay busy overseeing the business side of my 2 Adult Family Homes I own with my daughter. She is our nurse and I spoil our 12 residents. Elder care It is very rewarding and I want to make sure there is a spot for me when I get old!!!

In my spare time I play golf and travel.
Ellen A. (Sundahl) Fallihee '60 ellenandjack[at]hotmail.com I've lived in Oregon since the 70's. Now enjoy country life outside Portland.
Karl E Swanson '60 karl_e_swanson[at]yahoo.com I joined the Army immediately following graduation and wound up spending 27 years on active with a break to earn a degree in History for the UW. Twenty of those 27 years were spent overseas and along with the 17 years is spent working for the Army as a civilian in Korea, I haven't been around much. I'm now retired in Mukilteo.
Valerie V (Veirs) Orlosky '60 vorlosky[at]aol.com
David C Watson '60 swatsondc[at]gmail.com Retired School Principal, Retired Volunteer Firefighter
Living in Gig Harbor with Susann (Cleveland 62) married in 63, 3 children, 9 grandkids all in Gig Harbor
Enjoy our Cabin on Lake 12, Black Diamond, Motorhome trips, Navy Reunions around US
Richard J. "Dick" Weinsoft '60 rweinsoft[at]hotmail.com
Joanne (Williams) Bledsoe '60 jhb918[at]comcast.net
Olivia A "Livvy" (Wolfe) Hawley '60 olivia3718[at]gmail.com Moved to Spokane in the early 90's. I have one son living in Seattle.
Douglas J Wyman '60 doug[at]tigermountainsprings.net Happy to be back in the PNW and living on Tiger Mountain. The third retirement might just work as the rural life is a lot more fun.
Barbara J. "Barb" (Yantis) Meismer '60 gmeismer[at]lakemac.net I left Queen Anne in my junior year to move to Colorado. I would love to hear from you.
Tom Zirk '60 tzirk[at]hotmail.com
Kathy D (Ajax) Bader '61 kathybader[at]msn.com Enjoyed the Fall Alumni Luncheon. A first!
Dellaine (Anderson) Risley '61 djrisley[at]gmail.com Moved to Raleigh, NC in 1976 with husband John and three children.
Henry "George" Arnoux '61 abs[at]seanet.com
Bruce C. "Chuck" Auld '61 bcauld.deja[at]bcageo.com Living in Tiburon, CA, Kauai & Lake Powell
Dan Barrett '61 dan.barrett[at]comcast.net
Patricia D "Pat" (Bise) Bates '61 prishy123[at]gmail.com Still in town, never left town!
Carol (Bligh) Garber '61 Garber94[at]aol.com
Galen D Burghardt '61 galen.burghardt[at]gmail.com Now a grandfather and living most of the year in Evanston, Illinois. But we have organized our lives so that we can live on Orcas Island during the glorious Pacific Northwest summers. We had lunch with the Zobrists last year, which was a great delight.
CLIFF K BURNS '61 burns.cliff[at]gmail.com Great music at QA in the late 50's - early 60's I was in band and then choir.
Alden Carlson '61 carlson[at]gulftel.com Sailing in the Gulf f Mexico out of Orange Beach, AL.
KATHLEEN (CREGAN) WILLIS '61 k.willisuw[at]gmail.com Looking forward to seeing old friends at our 50th reunion.
Susan J. (Decker) Hunt '61 sjbird1943[at]yahoo.com Retired and living in Tucson AZ. Lived here since 1976.
William "Bill" Eddleman '61 2eddleman[at]gmail.com Living in Southern California, Maui and Florida
Pat A (Fox) Kinnaird '61 pat.kinnaird[at]comcast.net I'd love to hear from some of my '61 classmates but pls. identify yourself in the subject line or you'll be deleted & sent to "spam"!!
Charlene A (Gihring) Hester '61 cbhester[at]Frontier.com
Diane (Griffiths) Shager '61 shager37[at]yahoo.com Now in Sequim, WA having fun driving around with my 1929 automobile
Steve Haynes '61 Mktswh[at]aol.com Still have a house at Carolina Beach, we we live in the Chicago area much of the year. Still can't find time to retire.
Bill Hester '61 cbhester[at]Frontier.com
R, Barry Hood '61 rbhood96[at]gmail.com Retired, living in Castro Valley, CA
Robert B Johnson '61 Skirace[at]comcast.net
Sally (Kinsey) Macias '61 maciassk[at]hotmail.com Retired from the Foreign Service, living in San Antonio, Texas, seeing entirely too much sun, missing the mountains & the rain!
Michele R "Mike" (LaPointe) Daly '61 michele3614[at]yahoo.com
Linda (Larson) Bowman '61 lindalbowman[at]msn.com
TED L LOCKE III '61 t3loc[at]aol.com Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from 1956-1961.
Loretta "Lorie" (Madin) Lince '61 blince[at]frontier.com I have two children Jeff,44 and Gina,40. I live in Edmonds with my husband, Bill.
Tom Magnuson '61 tom.magnuson[at]hotmail.com Wonderful run and still going. Bellevue area now home.
Gloria M. (Mantik) Kelsey '61 gckelsey[at]pmt.org This city girl is enjoying the country life in Idaho.
Jack D Miller '61 jacvoice[at]aol.com Living in Sacramento area; retired in 2014 from active career as church organist, music director, concert series director, and choral/orchestra director. Lived and worked in LA, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and Sacramento.
Wynn N (Narodick) Bloch '61 docbloch[at]yahoo.com Retired and living in Rancho Mirage, CA. 2 grown sons; 2 grandchildren. Email if you come to the desert to dry out or get warm during the winter !!!
Tom Neel '61 nathorne[at]msn.com
Robert Ostling '61 rostling[at]gmail.com Ran off to Northern California Wine Country
Phyllis K (Pease) Brown '61 phyllis.brown[at]msn.com I am retired and living in Salem, OR. My two grown sons and two grandchildren also live in Salem.
Elizabeth Peck '61 cheridarcey[at]gmail.com
David L Peterson '61 the.david.l.peterson[at]gmail.com I miss all my friends from Magnolia and Queen Anne and would enjoy hearing from any of you.
Joan R. "Joni" (Raphael) Greathouse '61 joni[at]djgreathouse.net Happily retired and spending the winter in Colima, Mexico and the summer in Seattle.
Linda (Safford) Cole '61 lenaross[at]comcast.net I live in Olympia Wa and would like to be included on your location list. Thanks
Joanie (Seligmann) Shenson Scherer '61 joaniescherer[at]gmail.com california girl since 1968 and recently remarried to a wonderful man
Vicki (Strange) Scott '61 Cyberfogie[at]aol.com Prosperity, SC. Retired from South Caroline Dept of Corrections.
Sandy (Sund) Elder '61 locnw[at]hotmail.com
Sharon A (Taylor) Bourquin '61 s.bourquin[at]comcast.net
Karen (Tromley) Babcock '61 kmb541[at]yahoo.com
Kim R. Turner '61 Kim.Turner[at]spl.org Started working at Seattle Public Library a month before graduation. Still there, retiring in January 2017. Singing with Seattle Seachordsmen, recording both old-time radio plays and new ones written for American radio Theater, still active on boards of Queen Anne High School Alumni Association and the Queen Anne Historical Society. Founding, and still, member of the Book Club of Washington.
Sylvia K. (Williams) Dabney '61 OffshoreYACHTS[at]aol.com Still in the N.W....well, half the year anyway...the best half, spring to fall and then we live in Florida for the winter. We come back to Chelan where we have a home for Christmas and New Years and the 6 weeks of snow are wonderful. Our time is filled with snow shoeing and more and then, one day, we hear the palm trees calling and off we go again, until we need cool mountain air in our lungs and the trek starts all over again....since 1979 :) WE ALSO ARE LONGTIME WORLD CLASS SAILORS and I'm surprised how many of my fellow '61 Q.A.ers are also sailors!!!
Bonnie L (Allen) Allen '62 blaski[at]coastaccess.com Ski Instructor at White Pass, WA(2016-2017 Ski Season taught 324 Students)
Live on the Coast of Washington
Part time work: Domestic Violence Advocate
Jeanne (Allison) Uhles '62 uhlesco[at]gmail.com Bellingham, WA
Bill Anderson '62 bill4u125[at]aol.com Tacoma, WA. Still playing in Rock and Blues band and loving it.
Cheryl A (Ball) Atwood '62 atwoodc22[at]comcast.net
Carol A (Bilderback) McCabe '62 carol.mccabe[at]juno.com
Dennis Braley '62 dmbraley[at]juno.com I recently retired from my job after 38 years at NASA
Karen J (Brekke) Williams '62 fstviola[at]comcast.net
Harold "Harry" Brown '62 harrybrown94[at]gmail.com
Madeleine C (Bruenner) Larsson '62 rotnkid[at]cox.net
Wayne Cahill '62 wecahill[at]gmail.com
Bonnie Jean Campbell '62 bjcampbell[at]mchsi.com
Pat (Canada) Rasar '62 Patr1962[at]aol.com
Bruce H "Gus" (Cleveland) N/A '62 bhcleve[at]yahoo.com Retired from Bank of America (2004) and moved to condo in Edmonds, WA in 2011.
David J. DeLaittre '62 djdelaittre[at]aol.com
Donna L (Dillaway) Stebbins '62 donnasteb[at]hotmail.com
John F. Douglass '62 jfd[at]fidalgo.net Hermiston, Oregon
Retired from Saudi Aramco.
Denise M "Leah D" (Ford) Frank '62 TraxWalker[at]gmail.com I changed my name about 50 years ago to Leah D Frank. So I should be listed as Leah (Denise Ford) Frank. At this point I would be shocked if someone called me Denise.It would take me a minute to figure out to whom they were speaking. If you want to know why just ask.
Vicki Foreman '62 4manvicki[at]gmail.com Retired from the Seattle School District and U of W. Living in Kirkland with my husband, Dick Arends, and best dog friend, Mochi. Busy with volunteer jobs, travel here and there, our kids, mostly successful dog training, reading good lit mixed with "beach trash" mysteries, laughing, staying connected to my family flung about the country, and being grateful for life and wonderful friends.
Denny Freeburn '62 dfree60[at]cableone.net Eagle, Idaho
Barbara D. (Fruetel) Waltz '62 barbwaltz[at]gmail.com
Linda G. (Giles) Wahoske '62 lindasocal[at]msn.com
Marie (Glattfelder) McCallum '62 marie1243[at]att.net My husband and I are now retired from our corperation and living a great life.
Chet l Hammond '62 c.l.hammond[at]att.net Currently living Waco, Tx. and have lived in McLennan County since 1969. Looking forward to the 50th class reunion in 2012. I retired in 2009 and really enjoy the time off. Hello to all.
Libby (Hampson) Moore '62 libmoore62[at]msn.com
Karen (Heald) Clinton '62 kclin29727[at]aol.com
Eileen M (Hill) Wenger '62 nmbridgemaven[at]gmail.com Would very much like to reconnect with fellow students, especially Gerine Fuller. We lost touch after I moved to Alaska in 1961. If anyone has kept in touch with anyone from the class of 1960, (sophomore) would love to hear.
Gail C. (Hobson) Martini-Peterson '62 gcmartini[at]mindspring.com After retiring from teaching in 1998, I now write for children and other writers and have been published on the web and in periodicals.
Marilyn (Houghton) Bruns '62 balare7[at]comcast.net
Janice "Jan" (Hoverson) Parent '62 loujanp[at]comcast.net Retired and living back on good old Magnolia.
John M. Jamieson '62 jjinmanson[at]outlook.com After going to Seattle Pacific for 2 years I went into the Army for another 2 years. Got married in 1970, Blessed with 2 sons, started a sales career in 1973 then started my own business in 1982, sold that business in 1998. lost my wife to breast cancer in 1998. Got married again in 2000. Started another small business in 2002. Moved to Manson, WA.(Lake Chelan) in 2013 and drive a school bus since then to keep myself young. I have enjoyed the ride for 73 years. The destination is going to be unbelievable but, the journey has been incredible.
Ernest S "Scott" Jepson '62 scottspalapa[at]yahoo.com
Janice "Jan" Jordan '62 jordandocs[at]aol.com After running a small physician recruitment business in Seattle for 12 years, I moved to Hawaii to be near family and work as Regional Recruiter and Workforce Planning Consultant with Kaiser Permanente. Have recently settled in Tucson, AZ, and continue to do consulting work, photography and enjoy life in the desert. I make frequent visits to visit family and grandchildren in San Diego. Would love to hear from classmates.
Marika K "Mary Kay" Keil '62 kmkeil[at]msn.com
Michael Kissler '62 nancyk[at]hotmail.com
Melanie Knight '62 mem069[at]outlook.com Now married to Terry Messenger '62. I would love to hear from old friends and wishing everyone all that is good!
Bruce Larson '62 jblarson2002[at]aol.com
Margaret (Laughland) Brennan '62 Margiebren[at]hotmail.com Schenectady, NY. Moved before graduating. 3 brothers, QA grads, live in NY and MD.
James A. "Jim" Le Penske '62 jimlep3[at]comcast.net I retired from the US Army in 1992 (26 years) and I live with my wife, Carma (Prohaska-Highline HS/class of 1964), in Seahurst, Washington (near Burien). I will retire from State service 2007, and devote more time & energy to help run our small family business. It would be great to hear from QA Alumni and/or families.
Janet (Lipsett) Gindin '62 j.gindin[at]hotmail.com Even though I did not graduate from QAHS, I feel like I am a part of the Class of 1962. My parents moved to Bellevue right before our senior year and I graduated from Sammamish HS. I married right after college and have been with Jeff Gindin for nearly 46 years. We lived in Northern California where I taught school. Moved back to the Seattle area in 1969. Have two children, Jay and Jodi Lyn. We have 6 wonderful grandchildren. Both of us are retired but I still tutor as I love being around the kids. Would love to hear from some of you.
Gene Martini '62 gtmartini[at]yahoo.com I completed my BA at UPS in 1978 (some of us had to take a few extra years). My cost accounting career started at Lockheed Shipbuilding and continued at Boeing. In 1999 the opportunity for early retirement from Boeing presented itself and who could resist. In 2002, I headed south to Arizona for the sunshine. Retirement allows interesting travel, which has included Baja California Mexico and the East Coast, as well as weekly golf. Sandra and I enjoy auto travel in the western states and this year a cruise to Mexico. In Arizona our time is occupied by concerts, plays, high school basketball and football (we are big fans) and chasing Sandra’s four grandchildren from one event to another.
Steve McKee '62 smckee1[at]frontier.com
Roxanne (Merkley) Tillman '62 r.illman[at]comcast.net Director, Special Services, South Seattle Community College
Terry Messenger '62 mem069[at]outlook.com Spending time between Seattle and Ocean Shores.
Franzula I "Dolly" (Moody) Bacher '62 fibacher[at]gmail.com Retired lawyer working as an instructional assistant in a literacy lab at a Title I school. 3 grandsons, 18, 15 and 13. Two with me.
Denis M Morrison '62 dogbone64[at]comcast.net Greeting all.
James A "Jim" Nelson '62 susan.jim368[at]gmail.com Currently living in southern California. Spent time along the way in Anchorage, Alaska and Great Falls, Virginia. Hobbies include gardening, food & wine, horses, western genre and raising dogs.
Teddie Mae (Olson) Bladine '62 teddiemae[at]yahoo.com Ray ('62) and I were married 12/27/07 and now live in Phoenix, AZ. Between us we have 9 kids and 16 grandchildren which keeps us very busy in Phoenix and Modesto, CA where my kids are. We are having such fun with each other and our combined families...retirement is filled with lots of "life". Would love to hear from other QA's.
Sue (Patton) Krolick '62 spkrolick[at]aol.com
Ronda (Reese) Eddleman '62 16ronda[at]gmail.com Living in Southern California, Maui and Florida
Bob Rogers '62 robert.rogers30[at]comcast.net Auburn, WA. Moved from Danville, CA when I retired after 38 years with Chevron Corp.
Alan H Rowberg '62 arowberg[at]earthlink.net Moved to Spokane in 1957 after one year at QAHS.
Joseph F "Joe" Samione '62 jazzmanjoey[at]yahoo.com Minutes we counted in class each class, the hours we hope would go by faster to move closer to graduation and become an adult. The days we squandered to meet life's goals, To become the boss, or just the best in our fields.years fly by to reach the perfect life. Today we realize that the door is visible, yet now, we finally cherish seconds, minutes, hours, and days and enjoy memories not forgotten and find that a bad choice's takes a wonderful memory not yet lived. To all of you I will never forget the wonderful memories you gave to me in my youth. the social connect for all my friends at QA for providing me pieces of gold in my life...Joe
Bill Scarvie '62 bscarvie[at]gmail.com Sold our toy store in Los Gatos, California, in 2006 and relocated to Bainbridge Island in May of 2007. After an eight-year homecoming for me, we relocated again, this time to Karen's birthplace, Hawaii. Look for us in Kailua (Oahu island).
John H. Schmitt '62 jhschmitt44[at]Gmail.com
Gary L Sivertsen '62 cameracol[at]seanet.com Retired from the Boeing Co. Employee Training organization after 19 yrs, worked in Washington Community System as Dean and teacher in university system and now enjoying retirement. Live here in University Place, during the nice summer months (Yes, that's Tacoma) and spent winter months in Tucson and sometimes in Sun City area. Try to stay active, hike, ride bikes, try to play golf, use my cameras to take pictures (love sunset in SW desert & Slot Canyons) work-out regularly and have great friends. Would love to hear from classmates.
Margy (Slattery) Kotick '62 mkotick[at]comcast.net Las Vegas, NV
Dorothy H (Sotnik) Ackels '62 dackels[at]isp.com I am retired from teaching High School French and Spanish in Seattle and Port Orchard. I enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with my daughters and two grandsons.
Sharon "Sharie" (Sprague) Pursel '62 sharonpursel[at]outlook.com Retired from Nordstrom.com
William D "Doug" Stenberg '62 wdstenberg[at]comcast.net Retired from the Air Force and commercial flying and living in Renton, WA
Eunice (Stoa) Scarfe '62 eunicescarfe[at]hotmail.com Edmonton, Canada
Donna (Surridge) Petelle '62 rdpete62[at]hotmail.com
Sally R (Sutton) Garmon '62 garmoness[at]aol.com
Randi R (Thaden) Tomlin '62 randallrose54[at]msn.com Live in Concrete, Wa. with my husband Mick and our noisy talkative parrot Mickey.
Larry Werelius '62 thehistoryman[at]hotmail.com
Carra Lee "Carrie" (West) Bolger '62 Bolgers[at]gmail.com I live on Lake Sammamish with my husband of 30 years. We are enjoying life and traveling a lot. I am also involved in ministry in our church and in another ministry for teenagers called "Young LIfe". I am still snow skiiing and water skiing, swimming and dancing!! And we are owners of a small ship cruise line, "Cruise West", cruising to Alaska during the summer months and many other destinations during the rest of the year, including Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, the Sea of Cortez, the South Pacific and the Orient. Let me know if any of you are interested in any of these cruises. You can get more information on our web site: www.cruisewest.com.
Carol I (Westberg) Bonenko '62 ajandci[at]hotmail.com I retired from United Airlines after a very rewarding 36 year career, and am now working at Boeing Travel Management Company in the Group and Meeting Planning Department.
I am married to Allen Bonenko('62), and live in Kent. Allen's son David, his wife Jacqueline, daughter Aleksandra (5yrs), and son Benjamin (2yrs) live in Snoqualmie Ridge, only 25 minutes away, so we see them as often as we can.
Allen and I are looking forward to "real retirement" in a few years, and are looking for a place to do so, outside the rat race of too many people and too much traffic.
Donald S. Williams '62 dsw1222[at]earthlink.net Sharing time between Ocean Shores, WA and Indio, CA.
Bill Wilson '62 rainbowfamily[at]comcast.net
Worrall V. "Whip" Wilson '62 woody.wilson[at]cox.net Retired from the Air Force and living in Hampton, Virginia since 1988.
Shirley L. (Woodcook) Williams '62 shirl.williams9[at]gmail.com
Christine Zandbergen '62 zandbergen[at]comcast.net Tacoma WA
L D Zobrist '62 class62[at]qagrizzlies.org Seattle, WA
Donald Abeles '63 DABELES[at]HOTMAIL.COM 12 years King County Sheriff and retired from Security at Seattle School's running the Alarm Office. Still working part time there but the end is near. RV and lot at Gold Bar Nature Trails. 3 Grand kids 1 son. Live in Magnolia. Hello to all.
Ronald "Ron" Adams '63 ronboadams[at]mac.com Semi retired High School teacher. I still go to Mercer Island H S several times a week. I have been there since 1975. I ride my bike daily, kayak, hike, and ski when I can. I still make some art when time permits.
Barbara (Anderson) Huenink '63 barbarahuenink[at]me.com Have recently returned to Seattle after 43 years away !
Margaret A (Auld) Bruya '63 mbruya[at]gmail.com Husband, Tim, and I live in Spokane. I retired from nursing and teaching for 44 years, and my husband retired from his medical practic as well. We are thoroughly loving the opportunity to be with our four children and nine grandchildren. Three of our children live within 4miles of us, and one is returning to live in Seattle after her husband's emergency doctor residency in July. We snow ski, scuba dive, travel and continue my love of fabrics and knitting. We have opportunities to be in Kona-Kailua, HI several weeks a year, and love the sunshine break.
Sally (Baake) Fitterer '63 jersal74[at]frontier.com Retired from Washington Mutual Bank in 2009 (aka JPMorganChase). Now I can really enjoy those sunsets on Camano Island in my retirement years.
John Backman '63 johnbackman[at]hotmail.com Still "not" retired and living and working in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska.
RICHARD E. "DICK" BAILEY '63 BAILEY_ROB[at]HOTMAIL.COM Still living in the Redmond area since 1970"s. I retired in 2010, and thanks to good family genes, i still have my health. Now if i can just find that peice of wood to knock on, but with my luck, it will have come from China!! I wish you all the best!! Cell: 206-953-4919
Deogracias "Joe" Balmores '63 jobalmores[at]msn.com Worked and lived in the Seattle area for 35 years, retired, moved to Peoria, AZ then made a mistake of visiting friends in Portland, OR who talked me back to work. Married for 36 years and now living in Vancouver, WA.
Karin (Barter) Fielding '63 kbfielding[at]me.com Los Angeles, CA
Tom Berg '63 tmberg[at]comcast.net Portland, Oregon and the other boat is in Petersburg, AK
Susan "Sue" (Bolenbaugh) Howe '63 sue.howe[at]comcast.net Retired after 25 years in banking, second retirement after 18 years as Flight Attendant with Alaska Airlines, life is good!!
Bert Brunzell '63 ibelieve23[at]comcast.net Married to Jeanie (Oien) from Shoreline H.S. Retired business owner. Kids, grandkids. Bellevue, Washington.
Susan J (Budd) Brown '63 suesemail[at]yahoo.com I am married for 41 years to Charlie Brown, have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I work at Boeing and am hoping to retire next year.
Jack Burns '63 The_lawyer[at]msn.com
Ann HF (Carlson) Kivimaki '63 Ann_kivimaki[at]yahoo.com Mark Kivimaki died in April of 2011. I have relocated back to our original Lynnwood home.
Dick Carroll '63 badica9[at]gmail.com Now living with wife Barbara in Mazatlan, Mexico
Vern D. Cochrane '63 verncochrane[at]yahoo.co.uk Moved to London in 1970 where I worked as a musician for 10 years before working in motor racing in Formula 1 Grand Prix cars and Group C Sports Prototype LeMans cars.  Finished my working life as a site engineer on various construction projects, now retired I enjoy fishing and taking life easy.
Scott G. Cook '63 cookconst35[at]gmail.com Happily married to Pat for 47+ years, living in Portland, still building stuff, but thinking about retiring (so I can build only what I want and we can travel more). Two kids, both married and doing well - no grandkids yet. Fish occasionally with Tom Berg of our class.
Charles C. "Chuck" Cox '63 ccox811[at]mac.com Monica and I moved to Hood River, Oregon full-time in 2016. We are glad to be back in the Pacific Northwest.
Donna M (Damon) Cowles '63 donnacowles[at]yahoo.com Married in 1964 to Robert Zurcher and became Donna Zurcher. Moved to California in 1964. I have 2 sons Charles and Michael. Remarrid to Scott Cowles in March 2004. Now retired and living in Lancaster California, the high desert, about 40 miles from Los Angeles, untill my husband retires 2012.
Ted Davis '63 17benf206[at]earthlink.net Retired. Living in Seattle.
Kathy (Douglas) McKim '63 kathy[at]kathymckim.onmicrosoft.com
Bruce R Estus '63 spikealot[at]comcast.net Left QA in 61 for military so I am a graduate wannabe.
Now reitred living in Tumwater, WA.
Joan (Gallaher) Burreson '63 goga3[at]comcast.net
Bob Gamage '63 bobbyyg[at]gmail.com Worked 20+yrs in the Shipyards as Electrician and Test Engineer. Retired in 2011. Married 47 years. Lived on a farm in Clearview for last 40 yrs.
Christine R. "Chris" (Gangstee) Hendon '63 cghendon3[at]msn.com Three children: Laura Heber, Peter O.C. Johnson (son of Philip O.C. Johnson '61 [died 1971]), and Timothy Hendon. Four grandchildren. Living in Federal Way, WA
Katharyn Gaylord '63 kg45[at]aol.com Lynnwood, WA
Jerry W Germeau '63 jerrywge[at]msn.com Spending summers in Seattle, winters in Peoria AZ.
Terry W Graham '63 Terry3909[at]hotmail.com Living in Redondo Beach, CA
Sally S (Greenwood) de Jong '63 ssdejong[at]msn.com
Marjorie (Hamilton) Meyerle '63 mmeyerle[at]aol.com Marjorie taught for many years in three premiere school districts and is now active in local civic and political organizations and writing. She and Michael have three grown boys.
Linda (Hanning) Stephens '63 trudysmom8[at]msn.com At 70, I'm glad to greet another morning! Enjoying life with my children and grandkids (18 yr old granddaughter and 5 year old twins). If I'm lucky, Roger and I will celebrate 50 years together in 2017. I couldn't have picked a better man with whom to share my life. I have been truly blessed in my life after Queen Anne High.
Mike Hansen '63 mikeha1945[at]hotmail.com Retired and living in Edmonds and just became a grandfather of a beautiful girl. Taylor Grace Hansen
Mary Jo (Hansen) Cady '63 maryjocady[at]comcast.net Retired, widowed, living in Shelton, volunteer a lot with Lions Club
Linda (Hanson) Shockey '63 shockey.linda44[at]gmail.com Everett, WA
Frank E. Haverstock '63 fhaverst[at]csun.edu Simi Valley,CA.
Roberta "Bobbie" (Healy) Dunn '63 Rr.Dunn[at]frontier.com Live in Redmond WA; retired legal assistant. Married 39 years to Rick (class of West Seattle 1963). Rick passed away in 2009.
Nancy G (Heffelfinger) Greuel '63 ngreuel[at]yahoo.com
Richard "Dick" Houghton '63 richard.c.houghton[at]gmail.com
Janice L (Jackson) O'Rourke '63 Janiceorourke[at]msn.com We reside in Bellingham, although we're frequent commuters to the Seattle area to see family, including our 9 grandchildren!
Daniel C "Dan" Kauffman '63 drdkdecay[at]aol.com Wife Claudia (45 yrs), 2 daughters, 4 grandsons.
Like: wood working, skii, golf, Corvette-(Z06), Harley -(fat bob)
Gayle (Korman) Walker '63 gwalker3[at]cox.net
Candace R "Candy" (Korpe) Cotten '63 candace.cotten1945[at]gmail.com
Steve Kraemer '63 stevek2617[at]aol.com
Diane M (Kruse) Malinski '63 clio125[at]yahoo.com
Phil Krutsinger '63 Pkruts[at]live.com
Teena (Lenahan) White '63 timteena[at]aol.com Currently living in Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte Loomis '63 Charbarr630[at]gmail.com
Kurtt "Candy Man" Maben '63 kmaben[at]aol.com
Randy Marriott '63 randallmarriott[at]gmail.com Finally arrived home from almost three years in Newcastle, Australia. We still live on the Legacy Golf Resort, however, I only play once a week now due to heart issues.
Molly (McCarty) O'Rourke '63 padaroc[at]aol.com Goodyear, AZ
Marilyn (Miller) Waltmire '63 emwaltmire[at]yahoo.com Living in Paradise...I mean Tucson Arizona!!! Sun,golf,sun,golf!!! Need a tee time? What are you waiting for?
Bruce C Mitchell '63 Bmitchemc2[at]yahoo.com
Jackie (Moore) Zobrist '63 class63[at]qagrizzlies.org Seattle WA; Class Reunion contact
Janice (Moretti) Lewis '63 janlewis44[at]hotmail.com I live in Lynnwood, Wa. I have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 greatgrand daughter.
Michael "Jay" Musselwhite '63 zeebah57[at]comcast.net Retired high school principal, living in Seattle and Palm Springs area.
One daughter with two lovely little daughters.
Pat O'Rourke '63 padaroc[at]aol.com Goodyear, AZ
Janet L. (Perry) Day '63 janet.day1[at]comcast.net I retired from Washington State after 32 years and have a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters. As an artist I love to work on "Portraits in Pencil" Wow! It's hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since graduation!
Hope to see you at our celebration!
J. David "Dave" Peterson '63 jdp[at]midlakesinsurance.com Semi-retired Insurance Broker.
Moved back to Seattle in 1999 after raising our kids in Edmonds, WA.
Leslie R (Poeppel) Fiorito '63 lazyb[at]fairpoint.net
Bob Pound '63 harleybob2000[at]aol.com My wife, Yvonne, Passed away this spring (2015) after years of battling cancer. I will continue to reside near Anthem, Az. 206 795-4567
Robert A. "BOB" Richardson '63 Need Valid Email Married for 40+ years,have lived in Magnolia at our present address for 38 years !! Married Susie Steele (class of 65 QA) and I am retired from King county after 35 years,enjoy golf and traveling
Pennie (Rifkin) Sherman '63 penniesherman[at]yahoo.com Living in Olympia, married, retired and enjoying life. Between us we have four children and five grands. We travel, volunteer, and love to entertain friends and family. Life is sweet.
Craig A. Ritchie '63 rslaw[at]olympus.net Sequim City Attorney - Wife and 4 kids
John Rusin '63 johnrusin[at]yahoo.com
Ruth (Rustuen) Carver '63 carver.ruth[at]gmail.com have 3 sons, 2 amazing granddaughters, and 1 grandson, husband John passed in 2007. Currently living in Providence Point, Issaquah and retired from Group Health as an Admin. Specialist in Behavioral Health.
Janet (Savery) Miya '63 janetlee1945[at]hotmail.com
Diane L. (Sceva) Hyder '63 d.hyder[at]cox.net Live in San Marcos, Ca. (San Diego Co.)
Barbara D. "Barb" (Shaw) Moeller '63 moeller_barb[at]yahoo.com
Reid H. Shockey '63 shockey.linda44[at]gmail.com Everett, WA
Steven Thompson '63 highlands-at-gearhart[at]msn.com Retired in 2001 after 35 years on Wall Street.
Douglas (Torgrimson) Knight '63 knightdl[at]comcast.net
Linda C (Torpey) Davis '63 mxlplx66[at]comcast.net Living in Tacoma, WA. Retired RN. Fond memories of QA
Paul J. Tredway '63 Need Valid Email North Bend, WA
Meleen (Van der Wel) Lavachek '63 heartandsoul76[at]yahoo.com
Barb (Van Zee) Trimberger '63 barbtrimberger[at]gmail.com Retired from fishing industry (crab/salmon)in mid-90's; live in Chelan in summer and Kona in winter where we golf, hike,fish and enjoy those "Golden Years!!"
Douglas M Walker '63 svindra[at]comcast.net Retired, Live in Everett
Susan (Watson) Deaton '63 SusanWatsonDeaton[at]gmail.com
Robert D. "Bob" Welden '63 welden[at]msn.com Retired General Counsel of the Washington State Bar Association. Living in Palm Springs.
Linda (Wilenzick) Thompson '63 thompsonstation2[at]comcast.net Living in Longview, Washington. Spouse of 42 years, Dick Thompson (Q.A. 1962)passed away Feb. 2008.
Western Williams '63 westernw[at]mindspring.com
Tom Ahlers '64 tom_ahlers[at]comcast.net
Jackie A. (Armstrong) Aaby '64 two.aabys[at]comast.net Retired after 26 years as Project Manager at The Boeing company. Three kids, 5 grandchildren (hopefully more to come; love retirement, entertaining grandkids and traveling with husband Steve.
Kathi (Barrett) Hamilton '64 kathihamilton[at]comcast.net Graduated WSU, worked in Germany and Illinois. Returned to NW and married Tom in 1976 - six kids and 12 grandkids later, still enjoying life. Retired from Boeing. Still very involved in Girl Scouts. Family, volunteering, travel, photography, paper arts and time with friends keeps life very busy...don't know how I ever had time to work! Enjoy connecting with old friends.
Eugene M "Gene" Bergman '64 genb61[at]gmail.com Retired in 2012. Moved from Minneapolis area to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in fall of 2015. Still play a few instruments and sing folk music, bluegrass, and praise & worship music. Ride my motorcycle for fun and am active serving the local community center. Four kids live in the northwest and four still in Minnesota. My wife Renee and I celebrated 33 years of marriage this last January. Praise the Lord!
John D Blakeley '64 BlakeleyJD[at]aol.com
Joseph F "Joe" Bruce '64 jboflpd[at]aol.com Went on active duty with the US Navy June 20,64 and did a tour of duty in Viet Nam from 11-65 - 12-66. Honorable Discharge Jan. 67. Enlisted in USMC July 67 and second tour of duty in Viet Nam 11-67 - 12-68 with 2nd Btn. 9th Marines Golf Co 3rd Marine Division. Honorable Discharge May 70. Joined the Lynnwood Police Department Feb. 71 and retired from there on April 1, 2004. Earned an AA Degree from Evt.CC in Criminal Justice in June 73 and a BA in Law and Justice from CWU in June 82. Still raise, breed and train Appys.
Helena A (Butterfield) Rowse '64 hbrowse[at]Hotmail.com Married to Brian, Retired, Live in Brier, WA
Sally (Bykerk) Brown '64 slb4you2000[at]yahoo.com Living in Seattle near family again after living in the San Juans and Skagit Valley, raising my four children. I have 2 sons-Ted and Tim Craig and 2 daughters-Sucia and Robyn Borneman. Semi-retired
Mike Canan '64 mcanans[at]q.com
Norm Castillo '64 castillo[at]peak.org I'm most fortunate to be here. Greatest wife, 4 children, 7 grandchildren. My old website, untouched for yrs, and due for revision, but might give some sense of me: www.normponders.com. I was forced into retirement by IIIB colon cancer. I'm 18 mos out from treatment and holding my own.
Gerald "Jerry" Cox '64 rimrockman[at]yahoo.com Retired from Seattle-King County Department of Public Health after almost 33 years of service.
David Crutcher '64 dmcrutcher[at]mac.com 5 kids, two wives, much gin, love fishing & golf; live in NJ
Phil Daniels '64 Phil.DanielsBN7[at]yahoo.com Currently living in Onalaska Washington, Retired Computer design engineer, Two grown kids in Seattle area.
Richard G. Deir '64 richdeir[at]gmail.com After graduating from Seattle University, I spent 28 yrs active/reserve military and retired a Lieutenant Colonel. Now retired in Bothell after 43 years federal service with the US Army and Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Kathleen M "Kathy" Edris '64 kathy_dfg[at]hotmail.com
Daniel S Flanagan '64 flanagandc5[at]gmail.com After graduating UW in 1968, I spent 2 years in Norfolk VA at the Naval Weather Research Facility. I Met my wife Carol there and we moved back to Seattle in 1970 and I went to work for Safeco Insurance. I retired from Safeco in May 2007. Carol and I have two lovely daughters, Shannon and Kerri, and 3 grandsons by Shannon and a granddaughter by Kerri. We presently live in Fishers IN, a suburb of Indianapolis.
Mike Fowler '64 fowler333[at]msn.com
James L "Jim" Francis '64 jimwendyfrancis[at]rockisland.com I have retired from being a captain at Continental Airlines and now live in the San Juan Islands.
Judy A (Fruetel) Donoghue '64 tjdonoghue[at]msn.com Being widowed June,2014,has me redefining who I am and where I want to go with the rest of my life. Pursuits in hobbies of quilting, golf, wine tasting, and gardening, plus an interest in travel seems to fill my days easily and fully.
Richard A. "Rich" Gallimore '64 wanrichgal[at]gmail.com I am now retired after almost 40 years in the elevator business. We (my wife Wanda) and I still live in Gettysburg, PA. We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. We travel as much as possible and just returned from a 3 week mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania. Hope to be able to get out to Seattle for the 50th renunion.
Marilyn (Gates) Anderson '64 maranderm[at]comcast.net After 20 years of a mini farm and traveling around the US and Canada in a camper for a year, I got my BA and MA in education. Now I'm a retired teacher and have recently moved to Mountlake Terrace to enjoy the Pacific NW. I like dancing and international travel.
Let's get together.....
Steve Gove '64 stephen_gove[at]yahoo.com Retired and living in Arizona
Greg Gove '64 spartan11[at]mindspring.com Been in Florida since '73, Tampa since '81.
Jeff F Graham '64 jeffgrahamretired[at]gmail.com Currently living in Longview Washington. Love to hike, dance, read, play sports. Retired after 35 years teaching. Love retirement.
Susan (Guion) Swaim '64 jeepmom8[at]sbcglobal.net Currently live in Round Rock, Texas, about 20 miles north of Austin. Since Round Rock is mostly sunny, I enjoy being outside gardening, mowing the lawn, etc. I still jog and participate in my daughter's Deep Water Aerobics class. My son and family also live in the Austin area.
Jacqueline F "Jackie" (Hanes) Nance '64 jnjnance[at]gmail.com
Alan A Hemstad '64 alhemstad[at]aol.com Vietnam vet 67 & 68. Married for over 35 yrs (Barbara) and two sons, one grandchild. Have CPA practice in San Jose, CA
Dean F. Hobart '64 deanfhobart[at]yahoo.com Judy Running (Clark) and I got re-acquainted at the 40th Reunion and have been together ever since. Judy will be a grandmother in the Spring of 2013, so we will be getting married in September 2013 in California. I have two grown adult kids and three grandkids. Raced boats for 50 years. Still working at Boeing.
Marianne L. "Mari" (Hughes) Fritts '64 fritts1218[at]msn.com Married Earl 20 years and we are now both happily retired and sharing a total of 4 kids and 7 grandkids. Worked at Weyerhaeuser for 27 years in the Human Resource/IT group. Currently living in Graham, WA during the summer and Scottsdale, AZ in the winter. Enjoy traveling, friends, family, oil painting and other crafty stuff.
Barbara (James) Tupper '64 bjt521[at]yahoo.com Married Chris Tupper '63
Martha A. (Jenner) Neyland '64 jerrychallengesn-w[at]msn.com Married Jerry in 1971; two sons - Gage 32 & Gavin, 29 -both single. Teach 5th grade in the Snoqualmie Valley School District; live on 4 acres where Jerry and I run Challenges Northwest Inc., a leadership development company we founded in 1972; outside interests include church, pottery, reading, writing, outdoor activities, travel, and connecting with family and friends.
Dennis A. Johnson '64 djohn98012[at]gmail.com Back in Seattle area after 21 years roaming, pilot for Navy in Florida, Airborne Freight in Phoenix, District Manager for Federal Express in Texas. Just had 29th Anniversary with Karen. Two children and one grandson. Life is good. Attended Queen Anne only Freshman & Sophmore years 1991 & 1992. Graduated from Shoreline High in 1964.
Judy E. (Kinnaird) Drew '64 beljd[at]aol.com
Pete Lange '64 kinikia3[at]comcast.net
Robert "Mike" Lantz '64 mlantz[at]nwlink.com Retired Lt. Col. USAFR, flew C-130's and C-141's, retired Attorney, Currently founder and President of Capstone MFG, LLC. Primary product TC Ceramic - Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating. Sold all over the world. Lived in 6 different countries, traveled to over 70 countries. Traveled about 4 to 5 million miles.
Lorraine "Rainy" (Linden) Hartt '64 rrhartt[at]centurytel.net Loving life in the Rocky Mtns. of Montana. Wonderful husband, Rick. 4 great kids and 10 grandkids between us (whew). Still into art, interior design, gardening, hiking, boating on Flathead Lake, and spending as much time as we can in Glacier Natl. Park, which we are fortunate to have in our "back yard!"
Sharon (Lorentz) Smith '64 shlorsmith[at]comcast.net
Sherry L (Lubin) HASSEL '64 sherryhassel22[at]hotmail.com Spending summers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and snow-birding in Goodyear, Arizona. Enjoy retirement and spending time with activities my husband, Mike, and I enjoy. Look forward to seeing "old" QA classmates back in Seattle for Seafair this year and at upcoming reunions.
Stephanie D (Marksbury) Swoboda '64 Swobodas1[at]yahoo.com I am retired and have been living in Avondal Arizona for about 13 years. I have four dogs. It gets hot but when Seattle is cold we go out in comfort.
Sally (Mathiasen) Light '64 slight81[at]mac.com
Robert L Mauzay '64 oooptimum[at]yahoo.com 2 yrs Army, went to UW/BA in architecture. Retired and am assistant manager of a childcare business-love working with kids! I teach life planning & goal setting at community centers. One son and two grandsons. Live in Seatac. A dream is the beginning of a new reality
Bobbie A "Barb" (McBride) Stephens '64 Bobbiestephens[at]prodigy.net
Marcia McCorkle '64 mccorklem[at]comcast.net
Donald R McGill '64 dmcg522[at]aol.com
Patrick McKinney '64 pjmcoe1945[at]yahoo.com Left High school, college at Olympic Jr. College. Left to work summers for USFS as a surveyor. Held many ware house jobs. Attended North Idaho college in 79. Received Survey and Drafting Certificate and then to Utah to survey for 6 months. Home started working for the USACE Seattle District as a Hydrographic Surveyor. Became Field Party Chief in 90 and retired in 2008. Am married and living with my wife on Whidbey Island.
Thomas P. "Tom" Meland '64 tommeland2[at]gmail.com Semi-retired, in Clearwater, British Columbia.
Married 40 years, 3 great kids, 5 grandkids.
Anne M "Andi" Minium '64 aminium[at]sbcglobal.net I have two children and six grandchildren. I am currently working for KBS Realty Advisors in Newport Beach, CA. One of these days I plan on taking the last four classes to get my Bachleor's degree. In the meantime, I am very active in a women's organization, get lots of excercise with the dog and grandkids, and read.
James E "JIm" Morris '64 jamesemorris206[at]gmail.com VietNam Vet(66-67) Retired Police Officer/ Postal Service Supervisor. 3 Children. 2 boys and a girl. 4 grandchildren.3 boy, 1 girl. Divorced. I live in Olympia, Wa, with my girlfriend Nancy and my cat Georgia.. Life is still great....
Ward Mundy '64 wardmundy[at]gmail.com Retired from U.S. Court of Appeals staff in 2002. Now living in Charleston, SC. Married to Mary Heyward Mundy with 3 daughters: Kristin, Jennifer, and Katherine. Keeping busy writing the Nerd Vittles technology blog.
Jo A. (Nazworthy) Boyett '64 joaboyett[at]cs.com Retiring this year 30+ years with Nordstrom Married 50 years 2 grand daughters Tamika & Kylie one great grand daughter LaLa
Happy & wish everyone the same
James A "Jim" Nelson '64 bossfifty[at]aol.com "Sort of" retired at The Hills, Texas. Married to my best friend Linda Water Nelson for almost 25 years now. Our blended family has 4 children and 10 grandchildren plus two dogs (still at home). Spending retirement in local politics (City Council Treasurer), Board Member for an Air Warrior Courage Foundation affiliate, and testing and writing about new cars as a team. A bit of a riot to have a new car every week - 52 weeks a year to drive and then review. Why did I wait to after 65 to find this job?
Marguerite A "Maggie" (Nichols) Birch '64 maggieabirch[at]gmail.com From 1967 to 2007 I worked as a credit and collection manager.
Love to read and travel. Greatest trip was to walk on the Great Wall of China. Have also been volunteer at the Ballard Boys and Girls Club plus being a member of the QAHS Alumni Board. Best of all enjoying life.
Terry Nyman '64 forcleanair[at]yahoo.com
Richard A "Dick" Paulson Jr '64 QA64ReunionDickPaulson[at]hotmail.com WSU. U.S. Navy pilot. 30 year flying career with American Airlines. Now dividing time between Fort Myers, FL and Queen Anne Hill.
Carolyn (Peck) Cuningham '64 jcuning[at]wavecable.com Camano Island, WA
Nancy Pennington '64 nancypennington29[at]gmail.com Living in boulder, CO. Two sons, two husbands. Retired from university teaching. Now hiking, traveling, writing and having fun.
Frank L Powley '64 fpowley[at]gmail.com Currently living near Copenhagen, Denmark where I have worked as a journalist since the mid-70s, including a long stint as Nordic news editor for the Associated Press (AP) news agency. Now semi-retired, but still working as a freelancer. Upon graduation from QA in 1964, I returned to my native Canada where I attended university in Ottawa and later in Vancouver, B.C. I left Canada in 1974 to join and eventually marry a Danish woman.
Sandar R "Sandi" (Raphael) Warshal '64 sandar.warshal[at]ntlworld.com
Nanette J. (Reinbolt) Heffner '64 wallynan[at]earthlink.net Graduated from the UW in 1968, married my husband Walt in 1967. We have a wonderful daughter and two grandchildren. I retired last year to open an antique shop in downtown Poulsbo.
Gary M (Torgrimson) Raymond '64 gmraymond2[at]comcast.net Graduated UW, June 2008, with MS degree in Applied Mathematics.
Work at Department of Bioengineering, UW. Published research in Oceanography, Metabolism, Fractal Time Series. Active in the Parkinson's Disease community for five years now raising for APDA and NWPF. Married to my best friend, Michele. Two sons, one daughter-in-law, and one cat. Pax vobiscum.
Anthony M "Tony" Torohoff '64 torohoff[at]comcast.net
Bill S. Townsend '64 whidbeywilly[at]gmail.com Happily married to Marcia Gowey Townsend '69 whom I met at Bethany Presbyterian Church on Queen Anne Avenue 25 years ago. I have 2 grown sons and we have 1 grown daughter and 6 grandchildren, 5 boys and 1 girl. They're all within in the Puget Sound area. I retired almost 5 years ago after over 30 years in the automotive trades. We're living on Whidbey Island, a vacation paradise. I enjoy painting, beachcombing, gardening, and being a grandpa.
Peter B Truax '64 pbtfg[at]aol.com I went to Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR, in 1964 and graduated in 1969. It took me an extra year because I was extremely stupid. Served in US Army in Vietnam in 1970, and then worked in radio news and sports for five years until I started teaching in Forest Grove in 1977. Taught middle school and high school English for 28 years and retired in 2005. Married Pat in 1968 and have two adult sons, and one granddaughter. Live in the Grove and was elected to City Council in 2000. Was appointed Mayor in 2009 and elected to that post in my own right in 2010.
Gary L Van Hollebeke '64 GaryVanHollebeke[at]Juno.com God Bless all of you.
Tony Venable '64 TVenable[at]msn.com
Jo "JoJo" (Wayt) Johnson '64 joellynjohnson57[at]gmail.com Moved to Everett, WA. Retired. Enjoying seeing my QA friends at the Luncheons (Spring & Fall), QA Summer Picnic, being on the QAHS Aumni Board. I have 3 sons (Everett, Corpus Christi, TX & Freeland (Whidbey Island). Two Granddaughters (Philipsburg, MT & South Whidbey). Come to the many QA activities and rekindle QA friendships from many classes.
Stephanie (Westberg) Cross '64 steph.cross2[at]gmail.com
Cynthia "Cindy" (White) Wythe '64 cynthia.wythe[at]gmail.com
Carole A (White) Zimmerman '64 candf42[at]msn.com
Jane (Whitehill) Fraser '64 janef[at]co.skagit.wa.us Sedro Woolley, WA
Glenda E (Wonders) Specht '64 Iceangel222[at]msn.com Retired, RV'ing and loving life.
Bob Aiken '65 aiks[at]cox.net Full time resident in Surprise AZ, outside of Phoenix. Still involved with baseball and golf with some community politics and volunteering thrown in. Good health to all.
Linda A (Anderson) Wilson '65 spacemt1[at]aol.com
Richard F "Dick" Anderwald '65 dickanderwald[at]comcast.net My wife, Janis, and I have been married since 1968. I retired in 2012 after a 40-year career in city planning. We live in Colorado Springs, CO and enjoy volunteer work, golf and travel. We have two daughters and three grandchildren.
Lee Benish '65 buckben14[at]msn.com Marysville
Karen M Benson '65 basketsofjoy[at]gmail.com My husband, Ed, and I now live in Sonoma, CA in the heart of the wine country. Our children and grandchildren live in the Bay area.
Betty L (Bevilacqua) Tomicich '65 bettymabell[at]hotmail.com Live in Redmond Wa. Paul and I have been married for 39 years. We have a son, Adam, who is 33 and married and lives in St. Louis. After graduation I went to work for Pacific Northwest Bell in 1965 and retired in 2005. We have lived in the same home in Redmond for 30 years Paul is the Manager of the Bellevue Burgermaster. It is a "dine in your car" drive in..just off 520. He has been the Manager there for over 35 years and counting.…
Michael "Mick" Bonar '65 mickinmt[at]gmail.com After graduation worked for Foss Tug, then Corpsman in the Navy, back to Foss then Olympic Hotel & Ace Van& Storage back to Foss ,united van & storage, & married Linda Bowman in Seattle, moved to Montana & Started Bonar Transport, now 2016 retired to fishing for 5 lbs rainbows.
Garry M. Breitstein '65 gmbreit[at]aol.com Retired in 2001 from Seattle Schools, divide my time between homes in Seattle and the south of France. Have one adopted child who will graduate from Ballard High.
Tom Bright '65 tomwbright[at]gmail.com
Raylah E (Burns) Holm '65 raylah[at]aol.com
Dorothy L "Dorothy" (Byers) Salmon '65 D5847y[at]aol.com
Carl A. Case '65 bajabound3[at]hotmail.com when is the next reunion? Please put me on the mailing list.
Paul M Christensen '65 paul98342[at]yahoo.com Currently living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with my wife on a humanitarian mission for my church-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) We have been here a year and will probably be here another year. Enjoying what we are doing!
John R "Bob" Clark '65 johnrclark[at]comcast.net I am a neurologist in Spokane for the last 30 years. Graduated from WSU(1969) and UW Medical School (1973). Now a widower. One child and one grandchild. Looking to retire from practice in one year. Perhaps move back to the Seattle area.
Lynn (Dalton) Halstead '65 lynn[at]thehalsteads.com Still kicking around the Seattle area. Married, not long enough only 35 years, now widowed. Retired accountant. The dog and I enjoy the quieter life.
Ann (Davis) Douvis '65 anndouvis[at]comcast.net
Conrad W Denke '65 Conrad[at]VictoryStudios.com Live in Seattle and Los Angeles. Own Victory Studios in both places. Happily Married, 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Making films.
David M. "Mike" Devine '65 reforest47[at]q.com Retired living in Port Angeles, Washington.
Andrea "Andi" DuFlon '65 laughing.water[at]att.net My class of '64 graduated while I was in Germany as the QA exchange student, so I still feel part of '64. BA Mills College,'69; MA JFK University,'07. Retired graphic designer; sculptor; and now a psychotherapist in Berkeley CA. Widowed in '03; one daughter,38; remarried in April 2011.
Linda M (Duncan) Dolstad '65 lindadolstad[at]gmail.com I'm alive and well and no longer missing! Living in Kirkland.
Margo "A" (Feralio) Widmark '65 Need Valid Email I am currently living in Seattle. I am looking for people I went to school with or those who remember my brothers or sister all attended QA,
Don Fyall '65 dfyall[at]comcast.net
Susan G. (Gardner) Lucier '65 susan[at]susanlucier.com
Bill E. Greenway '65 GREENWAY_9[at]MSN.COM I would like to hear from Queen Anne Alums - we didn't know it was "Happy Days" did we? Married 25 years, 2 children. Am managing commercial prop after Nordstrom years.
Adrienne A (Greer) Coltrain '65 adriennecoltrain[at]msn.com
Russell G "Russ" Guppy '65 Russguppy[at]gmail.com Residence is 505 Broadway #500, Tacoma WA. 98402
Katherine L. "Kathy" (Hansen) Petersen '65 saintalive25[at]gmail.com Widowed, living in Bellingham, three children, five grandchildren.
Cindy (Hedreen) Peach '65 pcynjo[at]inlandnet.com Ronald, WA
Roger C. Heffelfinger '65 randcheff[at]comcast.net
John Hoverson '65 johnhoverson[at]comcast.net
Edward M. "Ed" Howey '65 ed[at]duwamps.net I disappeared from NW for 23 yrs until I retired from the Coast Guard as LCDR in 1989, married 34 yrs, two grown sons, now divorced, owned Seattle real estate brokerage till 2008, and living in Edmonds.
Robert C. "Bob" Hunter '65 rc.hunter[at]comcast.net More miles davis than beatles these days, but still lovin'life and memories of my classmates. In marin county since '82, still running my investment advisory practice, and recently retired as co-director/founder of an afterschool program for disadvantaged kids. Married virginia flores, whom I met in mexico city, in 2001. My daughter maggie lives in west seattle with her husband dylan and 2 yr old son louie. (he calls me g-pop.)
William M. "Bill" James '65 bjames[at]jres.com In Denver since 1976 with wife Donna after living in Anchorage, Seattle and Stuttgart (US Army) for a couple of years each. Started a commercial real estate appraisal and consulting career while back in Seattle and continue today with my own firm. Now also publicly elected to the Board of Directors of Denver's Regional Transportation District.
Arnold Jenkins '65 Need Valid Email Retired living in Powell, Wyoming
Sandra L. "Sandy" (johnson) Krutsinger '65 Sandykruts[at]outlook.com Now Married to Phil Krutsinger Class of 63. memnber of QA Alumni board
LARRY JOLLY '65 banjo5us[at]yahoo.com
Katherine (Jones) March '65 n7ua[at]embarqmail.com Katherine and Bob met at 20th reunion and married in 1986.
Cal Jorgensen '65 caljorg[at]hotmail.com
Carol Ann Kaiser '65 cakaiser797[at]comcast.net Seattle, WA
Claudia L. (Kettles) Lovgren '65 claudialovgren[at]hotmail.com
Kathy D. (Kirtley) Aversano '65 kathyaversano[at]comcast.net Looking for old friends.
Fred Lebhart '65 18sarge[at]cox.net I am an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration, and am living in southern California. My wife Sally and I are raising our two grandkids (long story) and keeping two careers and several outside interests going.
Bob March '65 n7ua[at]embarqmail.com Katherine and Bob met at 20th reunion and married in 1986.
Jim McMullen '65 hjm9318[at]yahoo.com Lone Tree, CO
Melvin D. McNichols '65 wrytre11[at]comcast.net I was quiet, a bit of a athlete (track) and one of the 'brainy' kids when at QA, and am now retired after a career as (ready for this crazy stuff?) a proud U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, a university professor (LA City College, USC, and ('the') Ohio State University, and an Arabian horse breeding and training manager. I'm now living in Salem, Oregon near my two sons, my daughters-in-law, a brood of wonderful grandchildren, and the biggest collection of our family to live the same place since the Depression. QA is gone, but when I check Google Maps, I still see the QA name on the building. Gives me goosebumps. I would love to hear from old classmates.
Donald H. "Don" Meyers '65 d_meyers[at]comcast.net Happily married for 47 years and living in Laurelhusrt, Seattle. 3 beautiful daughters, one in Yuma AZ, one in Roseville, CA, one still here in Seattle. 3 Granddaughters, 2 grandsons. Retired from the Seattle Police Department in June of '94. Life has been good!
Sandra J "Sandy" (Moffat) Unruh '65 sandraunruh[at]gci.net
Neva (Nelms) Franks '65 nevafranks[at]gmail.com Happily married to Howard (Shoreline High School '63), parents of four sons and grandparents to four boys and two girls. For thirty-five years I was a childbirth educator/doula/lactation consultant. We're now retired and love to camp, boat and travel. We live in the Arlington area and if anyone wants to reconnect, I'd love to hear from you.
Linda (Nelson) Prime '65 Need Valid Email Would love to hear from anyone from 1963-1966 who would remember me from the band or orchestra. I'm still playing flute, and still in Seattle area.
Kevin "OC" O'Connell '65 oconnell4522[at]bellsouth.net 2010 Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling, teaching at Prison still 2 days a week, enjoying life from 8 children (2 marriages /17 grandchildren.(Washington, Illinois and Tennessee)
Wife on air 24/7 so will not make it to reunion again, my life story.
Gary G Olson '65 Rcman_gary[at]aol.com Still live in the greater seattle area. Retired from banking after 40 years of service. I miss the good old days. Dags drive in. Watching the tv towers during the earthquake. Lake hills roller rink with maralee and the turnabout and more. Did not have a great number of friends but the ones l had were genuine. Thanks for the memories.
James Pearce '65 jpearce[at]straub.net
Susan D. "Sue" (Pennington) Merry '65 susanpmerry[at]gmail.com After being away from the Seattle area for more than 40 years, we retired to Whidbey Island in 2012.
Judy J. (Peterson) Jones '65 gramabug.jones[at]gmail.com Retired after 27 years working for US Navy (Civil Service). Living in Renton, WA. Have 2 children & 8 beautiful grandchildren. Love to hear from any QA '65 grads.
Kathy G (Plank) Calvin '65 stevencalvin[at]bellsouth.net I have been living in Atlanta, Ga for about 26 years, love the sun. Second marriage, together we have five children and 10 grandchildren, keeps us busy. I'm in the banking business, not a great place to be right now, but hoping to retire soon.
Sue (Renard) Robinson '65 lesurobinson[at]charter.net Retired and living in Wenatchee, WA, land of abundant fruit! We love it here. I would love to hear from friends when at QAHS for junior high! I still remember a lot of faces.
William "Bill" Russell '65 freedombill[at]aptalaska.net Retired and fishing in Alaska
Sandra (Rustuen) Smith '65 captstwo[at]wavecable.com Looking forward to our 45th reunion. So far, Claudia Kettles Lovgren and myself are the only two on the committee. We would love to have additional volunteers. We are hoping to set up a hotel for out-of-towners to stay in. That way, we could visit both before and after the Oct 16th banquet. We are open to ideas for the 50th reunion!
Kurt Schnebele '65 kschneb[at]aol.com UW (Oceanography) and then into NOAA in lieu of the 'draft lottery' which I 'won' in 1970. Retired to Monterey, CA, in 2008 after assignments around US and worldwide at sea (only once in Seattle though). Married 37+ years to Arlene from Pittsburgh, PA. Two married daughters -- in Houston TX and Arlington VA. Two grandchildren to date. Busy volunteering and travelling.
Morgan B. Seeley '65 mseeley[at]alumni.brown.edu I went to QA in the 7th and 9th grades (and John Hay before that). Then my family moved to the Bay Area. I've been back in the Northwest for about 30 years now, and currently live on Bainbridge Island. I'd be happy to hear from folks I knew then.
Charles "Chuck" Sharin '65 camarosrus[at]gmail.com ILWU longshore member Marine Clerk on the Seattle waterfront. Married 68-78. No kids. U.S.Army Viet-Nam 68
still obsessed with car stuff/collect classic Camaros
If the search for me grows cold, come visit at Mt Tahoma National Cemetary
Greg Shaw '65 gregshaw[at]windermere.com
Maria (Siguenza) Scott '65 pebleez[at]gmail.com
Jacquie J (Smith) Weiss '65 weissker[at]comcast.net
Kaye-Elizabeth "Libby" (Stearns) Stephens '65 kayeace1[at]hotmail.com Leonardo, N.J.
Dan Steuernagel '65 dankurts[at]comcast.net
Robert N. Summers '65 bob.summers[at]hotmail.com Still kickin
Betty J. "BJ" (Sylvester) Hoogerwerf '65 bjhoogerwerf[at]hotmail.com Graduated from the University of Washington School of Nursing and am still practicing as a certified registered nurse first assistant in the operating room in Everett, WA. Married with four married children and five grandchildren. Living on Whidbey Island. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Fall reunion.
Francine E Walls '65 Francine.Walls[at]Comcast.net
Bonnie J "Bonnie" (Watne) Wilmot '65 bjjwilmot[at]comcast.net I am currently married to Jerry Wilmot; I have 3 children and he has 2. Together we have 8 grandchildren. I am twice retired, once from GMAC and a second time from Spokane Community College. We enjoy biking, skiiing (snow & water) and playing with our grandchildren. I love meeting with my "Sassy Sisters" (friends I have known since NQA grade school), Janice Cameron Case, Sharon DeMello Stanford & Francine Walls. We travel to various locations every year.
June (Weeks) Carney '65 pashioned[at]gmail.com Would love to hear from other '65 alums. "A Passion for Sewing"
Arlene F (Wicklund) Atchison '65 gaatchison[at]comcast.net
Donna (Wilson) Kennedy '65 dekw0914[at]yahoo.com Love Seattle, but living in San Diego for the last several years.
Adelaida "Addie" (Abiles) Ward '66 addieaw91[at]aol.com
Jackie K Alden '66 Byonedrop[at]aol.com Living in little Fife, next to Tacoma. I have one son and now a new grandchild. Am disabled but doing great!
Linda (Balcom) Reed '66 lindaareed[at]comcast.net
Jerylyn A "Jeri" (Ball) Cusimano '66 cusigram[at]comcast.net
Jeanine (Boprey) Mackenzie '66 jeanim2[at]netzero.com Phoenix, AZ
Pamela L (Camp) Bondurant '66 pbondurant8[at]gmail.com I'm retired and I live in Kirkland, Wa. with my husband (Al) I have three children (Tammy,40 David,38 and Erica,29) I also have 5 grandchildren and 3 great grand children. I would love to hear from others from 1966 and hope to come to the next class reunion in 2011.
Catherine "Cathy" Chohlas '66 CHOWOO9[at]GMAIL.COM Would like to participate in a Class of 66 WINTER get-together POT-LUCK LUNCH each February in the PHOENIX area. Other PNW classes do this - anyone interested?
Susan G "Sue" (Collins) Schmitt '66 susanandmichael[at]gulftel.com I attended Queen Anne in 1964 and 1965 and then moved away.I would have graduated with the class of 66.I now live near the gulf of mexico.
Alexander Contreras '66 aljoanncountryass[at]msn.com I left Queen Anne in 1965 at the end of junior year and did 3 tours in Nam, came back and still kicking in Sequim,Wa. Tried retiring twice but I like working
with people.Happily married, no kids just 4 legged
children.Went back and visited QA in 1969 ,really missed
the Grey Ghost.
Cheryl (Cully) Anderson '66 cander3867[at]aol.com
Jeane C (Cuthell) Maurer '66 maurerhome[at]comcast.net
Joseph DuBois '66 josefdubois[at]comcast.net
Judith A "Judy" (Fagerstrom) Clark '66 judyjoe48[at]hotmail.com Now living in Bellevue and helping plan the next reunion.
Harlan Falkin '66 hfalkin[at]falkinassociates.com Living in Ballard now. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Still skiing and own a business, although working less these days. Love to travel!
Jerry Feinberg '66 f4004[at]bellatlantic.net Arlington, VA (near DC)
Jill (Forsyth) Stark '66 jstark0124[at]msn.com Married to Robin Stark, 1962 grad
Living in Moses Lake, WA
Peter A Goodell '66 peter.goodell[at]outlook.com 42 years with HSB Code Inspection Services. Retired January 2016, living in Ballard. Married Linda Lee (Newport '68). Downhill skiing, and Golfing.
Ulrich "Uli" Hamann '66 uli.hamann[at]gmail.com Enjoying a prolonged adolescence. Got my last haircut in vietnam,living in the woods near bellingham, building an earth house,riding motorcycles,hiking with my dogs,weightlifting,yoga,tai chi,carpentry.No kids,no wife,occasional girlfriends.
Les Hammond '66 ljhammond48[at]gmail.com Remember most of people on this page from my days at Lawton Elementary and Blane Jr. High. Attended QA part of sophomore year and would have graduated with class of '66 (maybe) but left Seattle and now live in Dallas, Tx. Hello to all.
Evagene "Eve" (Hatch) Austin '66 Need Valid Email Married Russell Austin and I have one grown daughter. My husband has since past away, but we lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta due to his career. I have been involved with the arts for years and have dabbled in most of the venues, but I have also taken some very seriously. After my husband's passing I moved back to Seattle and I now live in Ballard. I'm retired and I'm so glad to be back home.
Linda (Henderson) Hershey '66 hennyhershey[at]yahoo.com Happily retired after 32 years teaching in Bellingham. Married with two sons and two grandchildren (19 and 13). Living in AZ and the mts. of UT in the summer. Love to hike and Zumba!
Wayne R. Henrie '66 wrhenrie[at]yahoo.com Living in Long Beach, Ca.
Pamela C. "Pam" Hooper '66 Pamarno[at]Comcast.net Retired from pushing the envelope for the US Postal Service. Downsizing and enjoying the "back-burner" list of activities and plans.
Sailing and Kayaking in the San Juan Isles and Cabo San Lucas; when not at home in Bellingham Wa(since 1987), Bainbridge Island ( 1967-87)
This directory is an wonderfilled opprotunity to catch-up with fellow Grizzlies.
Kathy D. (Jones) Souders '66 Sunlady1485[at]aol.com I live in Littleton,CO with Mike. We've been engaged for quit a while, no big hurry to get married. Like things the way they are :) I have a beautiful daughter Stacy, a wonderful son-in-law John and the most wonderful grandson Joshua. They moved down here from Silverdale 3yrs ago and I couldn't be happier.
Joy Marie (Jones) Snell '66 joymariesnell[at]yahoo.com Returned to northern VA/DC about five years ago when my husband Terry (married 39yrs) retired from the foreign service. I have 4 children, and presently do daycare for my grandson Jack(20mos.) I am still getting used to staying in one place more than 2-3 years.
Jack L Karamanos '66 jalkara[at]frontier.com
Bridget (Kinsey) Buckley '66 bkinseybuckley[at]gmail.com
Billie R (Koutecky) Marquiss '66 billies[at]kvalley.com Ellensburg is where we call home. Owned our own business for many years, which we sold and are now retired. Love the relaxed life.
Dan Lambirth '66 danlambirth[at]yahoo.com I live in los angeles and have spent half my years here as an artist building my cartoon furniture and children's rooms,as an actor, and a limousine chauffer and tour guide. check out my website for pics of my shows and celebrities i have driven. i have been having a good time even though through all the struggles life brings. my websites are www.danshollywoodtours.com and myspace.com/danlambirth
Rosemary (Lupp) Espe '66 RoEspe[at]aol.com
Bob Maurer '66 maui1bob[at]outlook.com
Donna M. (McDaniel) Sannes '66 donnasannes0607[at]yahoo.com
Tim McKimmie '66 tim[at]nmsu.edu Retired 2012 from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, near El Paso. Walking the deserts in the winter and north to the mountains in summer. Home gardening in between. Miss Seattle, but the drive back and forth is nice.
Sheryl F "Sher" (Morris) Cappa '66 sherfc[at]live.com
Michael Niebuhr '66 mcantiquemike[at]yahoo.com Buy and sell rare and collectible cars and motorcycles
Tom Nussbaum '66 tomnussbaum005[at]gmail.com I am a retired Seattle School District Special Education assistant. I am living in Ajijic, Mexico and have written 3 novels,(Completing The Course, The Boy in the Book, and The Dark Blue Heart) and a memoir (An "H" of a Life).
Sherry (Peck) Moody '66 timandsherr[at]comcast.net Married Tim four years after QA. Have one son, three grands and one grandson-in-law. Currently a broker with Windermere Real Estate and the President of the Queen Anne Alumni Association! Enjoy all of the above, gardening, sports, and traveling.
Kristi Ann (Peterson) Harry '66 krisaharry[at]hotmail.com
Carol J. Randle '66 rcarol4863[at]yahoo.com I am now living in Mukilteo and am planning on staying here. I have 3 fantastic children and 2 beautiful grand kids so far. I started my family late in life so they are all pretty young. Spent the last year working on an 18 wheeler hauling exclusive vehicles all over the states so got to see all but Maine. Hauled everything from race cars to old tracters. Lived in a cabin for a yr. with no utilities and I believe everyone should do it for at least 6 months. You discover how little you really need in life to succeed. Be Well Everyone!
James A. Reed '66 jimaree[at]comcast.net
Michael Robbins '66 psychdocs[at]earthlink.net Retired from Washington State Department of Corrections as a staff psychologist. Still have my private practice in Lakewood, WA... Widowed and living on Anderson Island. Still playing in my jazz trio and a blues band. Have my own act, "Wheezin' with the Geezer", with you know who as the Geezer... Would love to hear from fellow classmates... Remember: "Live like someone left the gate open..."
Vicki (Rosse) Krattli '66 vkrattli[at]gmail.com Bob and I live in San Jose, California. We just celebrated our 47th anniversary. Our oldest son, David, lives in San Ramon, California with his wife Nancy and two chikdren, Cayden and Makena. Shawn is single and lives in Bellingham, Washington and our youngest son, Darren, is an attorney living in Tacoma with his wifr Susan and two children Maya and Liam. Bob and I are both retired and spend time golfing. We hope to travel more this year and would love to hear from some QA grads.
Eva Skolmen '66 elskolmen[at]frontier.com
Stan C. Stewart '66 sunvalleystan[at]msn.com Sold my business in 1988 and have been 'retired' ever since. Spend my winters skiing every day in Sun Valley where I am also a ski instructor there (now 23 years) and spend my summers boating, mostly in Desolation Sound. It is a GREAT LIFE!
John Thompson '66 John.Thompson6[at]comcast.net Retired in 2010, now splitting my time between home and traveling.
Nancy L (Turner) Kaupp '66 NL28KA[at]juno.com I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I have one child living in Washington with 4 of the grandchildren, the others are throughout the country.
Lynda M. (Vandell) Purvis '66 Spiralgirl[at]live.com Retired, single, and now living in wine country in Forest Grove, Oregon after 32 years in Alaska. Finally I have lots of time to devote to crafts, my artwork and organizing and researching my family history. In 2012 I will be visiting the birthplace of my maternal grandparents on two small Croatian islands in the Adriatic. Life is good.
Daniel Venis '66 dvenis0607[at]aol.com
Mark L Weise '66 markweise[at]frontier.com Spend time between Orting and Naches.
Joe Zorich '66 judyjoe48[at]hotmail.com
Virginia M "Ginger" (Allan) Macintosh '67 gingermacintosh[at]hotmail.com I am a retired special education teacher with a master's in reading education. I still tutor, but at the present time, renovation of a house has kept me busy. I golf in a league and travel with my sister. My husband prefers to stay home with the dogs.
I'm looking forward to a 50th reunion!
Linda (Allen) Dishneau '67 DISHNEAU[at]aol.com
Shirley J (Allen) Glas '67 sjglas[at]gmail.com Married David in 1970 and moved to Houston, TX. In 1972 moved to 3M headquarters in St. Paul, MN. David retired in 2003 and a couple years later I retired as tech coordinator at elementary school. We have two sons, one daughter and 5 grandchildren. We enjoy golf, camping and goofing around. Love our relaxing retirement! Enjoy keeping in touch with other QA grads via FB. Updated 3/3/2018
Bruce W Ammerman '67 Paammer[at]aol.com I retired after 40!years at Boeimg ending up as an executive. Married for 45 years. Two adult children with 2 granddaughters, with a grandson coming soon. Now living at trilogy in Bonney Lake.
Corky Andersen '67 cwajr[at]ix.netcom.com
Marsie (Ash) Howell '67 myseattleblues[at]yahoo.com Retired from Swedish hospital. Six children, 8 grandchildren.
Lillian Bladine '67 clarkbladine[at]comcast.net Living in Salem Oregon. Plan on attending Queen Anne HS Alumni Events and reconnecting with friends.
Gary (Boyle) same '67 garyboyle39[at]hotmail.com
Donald Campbell '67 dmcampbell336[at]gmail.com I have recently moved back to Washington after 35 years in Coeur D Alene Idaho. I currently live in Anacortes the gateway to the San Juans. I have been married for 46 years to Margaret and have two sons that reside in the Seattle area. I graduated from UPS in Accounting and that has been my profession until retirement.
George Cano '67 gcano[at]wavecable.com Retired and living with my wife, Pat, on Camano Island. I would love to hear from you all.
Kati (Cantalini) Robison '67 katirobison[at]comcast.net UW grad, enjoying my final year in the technology industry before retiring at the end of 2014. Recently moved to Tucson, AZ after snow-birding for 10 yrs. 1 soon-to-be-married son, 3 stepkids, 4 step-grandkids all in the Seattle area.
Pam (Carter) Bergin '67 loveysmom049[at]yahoo.com Retired and living in Kansas City, MO since 1971. One son and three grand-children.
Bill Caton '67 kccaton[at]comcast.net Enjoying life ...
John Christensen '67 john_christensen[at]byu.edu
Gary Christopher '67 gschristopher[at]hotmail.com Retired after 40 plus years in the Information Technology field. Now living in the Woodinville area and always enjoy getting together with my old QA Grizzly friends.
Michael Clarke '67 bedfordeng[at]hotmail.com Currently live part of the year in the US and part of the year in England. My two children and two grandchildren live in the Seattle area. Retired in 2011 and enjoy travelling.
Brian Cleveland '67 bccleve03[at]comcast.net Finally retired, watching family grow in Edmonds. A "hi" to all who remember.
REBECCA A "BECKY" (DENTON) BUMGARNER '67 beckydenton[at]comcast.net
Kristine "Kristi" (Eardley) Bolster '67 misc608[at]comcast.net Recently retired (March 2013) after working as an accountant for many years. Live in Fall City with my husband of 32 years and am enjoying this stage of my life. Would love to hear from QAHS friends!
Jack Fackerell '67 Jack219[at]frontier.com Retired from teaching elementary school in Everett. Now I live on Whidbey Island with my partner.
Jay Fallihee '67 jayfallihee[at]gmail.com
Warren H Ford '67 gunter1100[at]gmail.com Wife of 22 years, Jean & I, both semi-retired, built a home in Depoe Bay Or. on a cliff 75 feet above the ocean,in 09.When waves hit the cliff, house shakes.
Clyde E Foreman '67 clyde.e.foreman[at]tsocorp.com Lori and I continue to enjoy grand parenting and have assimilated into the "Mountain" lifestyle of the Wasatch Mountains here in Salt Lake City. I am still enjoying work in Corporate Security and am looking forward to a few more productive years before switching gears.
David R Geoghegan '67 davidgeoghegan[at]ymail.com As of 2012 I am back in Southern California with my wife Gail of 34 years and my three kids (all grown). I am the Sales / Marketing Director for the worlds leading manufacture of animatronics. We do all the characters for Disney worldwide as well as most of the other major companies in the themed entertainment industry. I still play bass guitar and sing as often as possible and love to ride my motorcycle.
Thomas W. German '67 Twgerman[at]aol.com I'm retired and live in Honolulu.
Jim C Green '67 jim[at]t1wizard.com Now living in Milford Delaware - too far from Seattle!
Tena Hamann '67 Need Valid Email I am retiring in May and moving to Jerome ID.
Dean Heathcote '67 ddhyper[at]gmail.com I am retired and living in Bellevue, WA.
Richard G "Rick" Hellem '67 prairiechick7[at]hotmail.com
Jeffrey C Hilton '67 jchilton102[at]msn.com
Dean Jackson '67 dj2putt[at]gmail.com Although I retired from public education in 2009 after 35 years of service, education is and always will be in my blood. Hey, it's always fun to teach something you know to others, right?

Angie and I divide our time between the Central Washington Desert and Seattle, among other places.
Barbara (Jancura) Carlson '67 barbarascarlson[at]msn.com Retired in Mesa Arizona
Don Kelly '67 donk49[at]hotmail.com Mostly retired since 08. Worked throughout the U.S. and Ecuador. Looking forward to our first grandchild this year (16).
Jim W Kidney '67 beansjk[at]aol.com Living in Sparks, Nevada. Really miss the three wonderful years at QA.
Linda C. Kittelson '67 Lndkittelson1[at]gmail.com I live in idealic Sonoma California.
Kenneth D. "Ken" Loving '67 ken.loving[at]comcast.net Financial exec. for 38 years, retired, living in Bellevue. Have 2 wonderful kids and 2 wonderful grandkids. All athletes and a lot smarter than me.
Michael Lynn '67 blade1949[at]gmail.com
Arthur R "Art" Marriott '67 artm[at]axenhammer.com
KATHY M (MATRONIC) WHALEN '67 yumarv[at]hotmail.com
Patricia "Paty" (May) Collins '67 Collinspl317[at]comcast.net Sophmore '64; moved to Berlin, Germany.
Claudia C (Merle) Lengenfelder '67 clengenfelder[at]gmail.com
David J Montzingo '67 frdavid[at]holyspiritchurchsd.org In 2010 I was the founding priest of Holy Spirit Anglican Church, a new congregation of the Anglican Church in North America. Our church is located in the College Area of San Diego and meets at Bethel Seminary, where I continue to teach as an adjunct professor. My wife Ruth and I have three grandchildren, two of whom live in the Ballard area of Seattle. I make frequent trips to Seattle to see them, my son and his wife, my parents, and three brothers with their families. I love to see high school friends who travel to San Diego, America's Finest City.
Steve Orme '67 stevenjorme[at]gmail.com I live in Carlsbad, CA (north San Diego County). Married Linda Dance (QA Class of '73) - five children, three grandkids. All doing great.
Bradley A Overbeck '67 brad[at]demaria.net Moved from WA state in 2016 to St. Petersburg, Florida to take a position as BMET for Fresenius Medical Care.
Wendy L Paul '67 wendypaul[at]cablespeed.com
Bev Questad '67 bevquestad49[at]msn.com
Linda S. (Ralph) Post-Smith '67 Need Valid Email I am a graduate of Northwest University, and manage two senior buildings for housing. This is one way to feel young, take care of those that are older. Four grandchildren, and #5 due in July.
Arlene (Richstad) Smith '67 abourns2[at]yahoo.com After owning the Alaskan Motel in Westport WA for 14 years, we retired and have been living happily in Pahoa HI for the past 2 years.
Terry Riggs '67 terryriggs[at]hotmail.com Redmond, WA. Retired in 2003.
Andrea (Ringstad) Smith '67 arsmith49[at]gmail.com Currently working for Seattle Public Schools. Have 2 children and will be a grandmother in November.
James J. Rubin '67 tuglion[at]yahoo.com Retired in 2009 from US Army (32 years). Married to Barbara for 38 years, 2 sons, grand kids. Living in Bonney Lake with frequent trips to Hawaii where I grew up. It's all good!
Dianne E. (Rudd) Chapman '67 gtoladie[at]yahoo.com I retired from Boeing in 2003 and currently live on the water in Gig Harbor. I still have my GTO, two great kids and love to travel!
Dale G. Rude '67 drudecdn[at]hotmail.com Change "Living the Good Lifein Kingston WA" to "Enjoying the Best of LIFE here in Calgary, Alberta Canada"
Larry Running '67 LarryRunning[at]yahoo.com Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Janice (Sampson) Otto '67 coco.otto[at]yahoo.com Widowed after 38 years of marriage, retired and moved to Redmond, WA to be closer to my children and grandchildren.
Bonnie Shapiro '67 bshapiro[at]ucalgary.ca Hello to all of my friends from Queen Anne and Magnolia. I have lived in Canada since 1975 and am currently a Professor in Science and Environmental Education at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. I would love to attend any upcoming reunion.
Jack R "Jack" Shupe '67 soulenacting[at]gmail.com Now living part time in Santo Nino, Sulat, Eastern Samar, The Philippines. Built a new home on the oceanfront.
Marcia L Simpson '67 Need Valid Email I retired from AT&T/Avaya and now work in Washington DC for Congress. Retirement is not for me!
Paul Smith '67 psmith10[at]dc.rr.com Moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1975. After 25 years in Santa Clara County's IT Dept, My wife and I reitred to Palm Desert, CA
Julie L. Standish '67 Seasonedrascal77[at]yahoo.com Hope to hear from anyone from QAHS! We were one big community..
Denise "Deni" (Ursic) Lee '67 confluence[at]hotmail.com Deep in the heart of Texas.
Penny "Dianna" Walker '67 diannasky[at]yahoo.com
David T Walker '67 dtwalker[at]infowest.com Still in Cedar City, UT and fully retired
Beth "Bethie" (Wassenberg) Guislin '67 Bethster[at]gmail.com Global public health for many years. University of California in public health research, and academic computing. Retired in 2005 briefly, and now with County of Santa Clara IT. Coincidentally, Paul Smith worked in the same dept. For fun, my husband and I volunteer in health projects. On our last trip we volunteered for a Stanford Med School project in the Papua New Guinea highlands. It is a wild and wacky world out there.
Margaret A. "Maggie" (Wilbur) Hoff '67 maggiemae67[at]msn.com
Ron Wilkinson '67 rwilk99[at]gmail.com New York City has been my home for five years. My job is in Times Square designing and testing buildings during the day and reviewing films at night.
Robert Wilson '67 wilsonvark1[at]gmail.com Fellow 1967 Classmates. Anybody up for putting together a committee to put on a 50th party? After losing my Lora, my desires on doing it by myself have gone. I would help. Lets get this ball rolling, ok. Hope to hear from many of you.
Barbara (Young) Boohm '67 byboohm[at]gmail.com I live in Chehalis, Wa. My mother still lives in Seattle.
Maria Zorich '67 judyjoe48[at]hotmail.com Live,laugh,and love those wrinkles,earned every one of them. They give my seven grandchildren something special to look forward to.
Bienvenido "Beny" Abiles '68 BenAbiles[at]aol.com Happily married. Four grown children, four grandsons and expecting grandson #5 in April 2016. Lived in Kissimmee, FL since retirement from the US Coast Guard in April 2000. A real estate agent since retirement but prefer to spend more of my time now playing golf or visiting my grandchildren.
David A. Aitken '68 eastsideharley[at]yahoo.com 31 years with Paccar in Renton Washington retired 1999 15 years with Harley Davidson moved from Seattle to Coeur d Alene Id.in July 2015.RETIRED FOR GOOD.
Tim Austin '68 taustin[at]nwtaxlaw.com
Bob Balder '68 bobbalder50[at]gmail.com Living on Camano Island with my beautiful wife Lisa. Lovin' life "out of the city".
Pauline a "Polly" (Ball) Bullert '68 Paulinebullert24[at]gmail.com
Jerry Barbour '68 jbarbour9[at]yahoo.com Didn't finish at school due to Viet Nam but would have graduated in 1968.
Carole (Bertram) Bleistein '68 ckcollage[at]comcast.net I am a professional artist living in seattle. After University of Washington I married and have been a practicing artist for over 25 years. I have two daughters both successful in life and business. No grand children but am grandmother to three dogs. After living in Canada a year I returned to Seattle and have been here ever since. I have had an on line presence for over eight years giving me the chance to meet people from all over the world.
Laura L Bollard '68 llbollard[at]comcast.net I spent the years after QA working in banking, insurance and real estate. I'm now retired and loving every minute of my unstructured time.
Barbara A "Barb" Boyle '68 b.boyle[at]frontier.com Retired and living in Edmonds. Did a lot of traveling, for many years, and am now enjoying staying around the area.
Love not having to wake up to an alarm clock! :)
Doug Bright '68 dougbright[at]shellworld.net Musician, music journalist, and publisher of HERITAGE MUSIC REVIEW: www.heritagemusicreview.com.
Marsele Burns '68 marseleburns[at]hotmail.com I have lived on the east side since graduation. BA, UW; MPA, SU. In my last career (I hope) I install Payroll systems in enterprise level organizations -- usually hospitals.
Douglas Coleman '68 dwcoleman[at]live.com Am now living in Portland, Oregon.  I have taken up my second career as a licensed Real Estate broker.
Stephanie P (Davis) Lawrence '68 pslawrencestephanie[at]aol.com Attended QA for 7th & 8th grade moving to McClure for th first quarter of 9th grade before moving to Butler JrH & Shorline HS. After a stint at Honeywell I went to work for Greg Thompson Productions (The Music Hall in Seattle)to be Company Mgr for large resort & Cruise ship production shows. Moved on to event production in LV. Ended up at MARS then retired in 2010. Back in WA in Tacoma where my son lives. Would like to hear from old friends.
Beverly (Davis) Allen '68 BeverlyKAllen[at]gmail.com Married to Bill Allen for 25 years. Mostly retired from being a CPA and "Living the dream" in Bend, Oregon where we can ski, bike, hike and do yoga minutes away from home. Appreciating the joys of living an examined life.
Bev (DeBock) Satter '68 BeverlyJean99[at]aol.com
Christine A "Chris" DeBruler '68 ososister[at]aol.com Living in the beautiful Hood River Oregon area. In dressage training with my horse. Involved with the growing wine industry and keeping contact with my two incredible daughters. Still loving learning and my friends. Juggling keeping abreast of current politics (how?) and focusing on finding joy and peace in the moment.
Mike Dey '68 msdey50[at]aol.com I currently live in the Philadelphia area but just purchased a house in West Seattle and hope to move back in a couple years. I would enjoy hearing from others about what path their lives have taken.
Sandy (Duke) Wrinkle '68 sandeeww[at]comcast.net
Lael M Duncan '68 laeldunc[at]yahoo.com I moved to Okanogan County in 1987 after careers in Insurance, Banking, and Real Estate Development. I've had a wild ride but the last 15 years I've served as the CEO of Okanogan County Community Action Council (Social Service Non profit) and have resided in my home on the Okanogan River where I raised my daughter and son. Both are now grown - my daughter lives in Spokane and is working on grandchild #3 and my son is living in Brooklyn working on a comedy writing and performance career. My Step daughter also lives in Spokane and has a son who is soon to be 18. All in all life is good and I'm very grateful for the education I received at QAHS as it gave me the start I needed to succeed despite life's curve balls! Hope you are all happy and healthy.
George W Emeny '68 Gwemotorhd[at]aol.com After service &collage spent 50years as a marine diesel mechanic. Walked down every dock,pier and shipyard between Panama city Panama and Dutch Harbor Ak. You can see QA from just about every dock in Seattle. Retired Dec. of'15. Mild stroke in june of '15 made retiring a little more urgent. Moved out of Auburn to the rainshadow of Sequim. Anyone headed up to the North coast give me a call/email. I'm always good for a cup of coffee
Edith (Engle) Prince '68 efprince[at]hotmail.com Living in NE Texas with my husband of 38 years. We have two grown (unmarried) sons 35 and 36. No grandchildren yet. I'm a retired civil servant and my husband, Monty, will retire in a couple years. I am interested in gardening, genealogy and birdwatching.
Sheila C (Esch) Cox '68 r.dcox[at]msn.com I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I'm married now for 42 years and have two grown sons and 6 grandchildren. I am about to retire after 25+ years as an accountant at Oregon Institute of Technology.
Carol Fahrenbruch '68 cfahrenbruch[at]gmail.com Did not get to attend QA - family moved to Wenatchee. Attended Coe Elementary and Blaine Jr High
Virginia G "Ginny" (Fellows) Socha '68 funniegirl2002[at]aol.com Was a Navy dependent and housewife for many years living in Hawaii and Seattle. Now reside in Belfair, Wash. and commute daily to work in Seattle for King County Public Health. Single after all these years and have 4 grown children, 2 boys and 2 girls and 2 grandchildren, 1 boy and 1 girl who are the light of my life. Hope to retire in about 4 years. Love traveling, classic cars, and hanging out with friends. Enjoy reading where my fellow class mates are!
Debbi (Fine) Gulberg '68 debbi.gulberg[at]comcast.net I live in Mukilteo with my husband of 34 years. We have two grown, single children living in Seattle. I plan to retire next year after teaching cute little 3rd graders in Woodinville most of my career. We travel a lot and I enjoy gardening, singing and working out.
Jeanne I. (Fisher) Levin '68 yentl83[at]aol.com
Weltha Jane (Forsyth) Jensen '68 janefjensen[at]comcast.net Hi fellow Grizzlies. I'm a widow living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am retired from a long career as a Registered Nurse. Would love to hear from you, even if I didn't know you well. I love reading the KUAY and doing Square Foot Gardening. Best wishes.
Norman H "Norm" Gipe '68 normgipe[at]yahoo.com Remember the NEUROTICS? Some of the best times ever were playing at our school dances. Married 43 yrs now to sue matthew. Retired from Boeing. Two kids, four grandkids. Living in arlington wa.
David B. Goodell '68 dave[at]goodellhotel.com Moved back to Seattle in 1974 & have been living in Magnolia ever since!
Jodi (Grabin) Bagley '68 jbagley[at]rainierconnect.com Livin' the dream in Tacoma, WA
Charles "Chuck" Hairell '68 charles_hairell[at]comcast.net
Patti (Hammack) McKee '68 mpmckee1[at]msn.com
Thomas M Haney '68 Need Valid Email Live in Minneapolis, MN. married for 39 years, two sons, two daughter in-laws and three grand children. I'm an investigator for an insurance company.
Rob W Hartzell '68 vespaschmitt_2000[at]yahoo.com I've been a technician in various trades for most of my working life. Most recently on telephones but robots and cars before that and in the building trades as well. I like board sports, green cars, and dinosaurs. I lost track of John Harley and Brenda in Minnesota, does anyone have contact information? Also, hey Tim, just kidding, thanks for all the volunteer work on reunions.
James A. "Jim" Henderson '68 Doublejk[at]yahoo.com Just celebrated 34 years with my beautiful bride Joanne, we have two children and are expecting our first grandchild this winter. I have been retired for a couple of years so we have been doing some traveling around this great country we live in.
Patricia "Patty" (Hendrickson) Finn '68 pattyfinn1[at]yahoo.com Retired from the Boeing Company. I have been married for over 40 years. I put that in as I have no idea what year this will be read. Left Queen Anne 2006. We have two children and two grand kids. We left the big city to a quieter rural area. Best thing we ever did!
Chris T. Hendrickson '68 cthendrickson[at]gmail.com Have been in Pittsburgh 30+ years now...
Susan R. Hulbert '68 susanhulbert[at]yahoo.com Graduated from the University of Washington Business School in 1972; worked 35 years as accountant in private industry. Married Tom Redding in 1999 (did not change last name). Travelled to Europe every year for the past 15 years. Currently working part time as accountant for small businesses and living in Brier, WA. Life is great!
Jim S Hutchinson '68 pedlpowr[at]hotmail.com Currently living in University Place (near Tacoma) working for State of WA Emergency Management and planning for 'the big one' - no kidding! Married w/2 grown kids and 2 grandchildren. Lived for 20+ years in Kirkland & still plan to move back there in a few years.
Abhijati "Oddy" JuaThes '68 Oddy.juathes[at]gmail.com Dear Friends
I graduated from Q A HS in 1968 and gratuated from U W in 1972 after that I came back to THAILAND and worked as a police officer until I retired in 2009 and my last position before I retired is commander region 6 metropoltan Bangkok Thailand , Now I live in Bangkok but take a trip to Seattle sometime.
Gail E (Kelly) Simmons '68 gailbert628[at]yahoo.com I married my college sweetheart in 1972. I live in Longview, WA. We had identical twin sons who are now
32.I just retired in June after teaching k -3rd grade. The last few years,after grad. school, I became a literacy specialist and reading coach.I have 2 grand- children. I would love to hear from people!
Ken Koernke '68 kendonna[at]thurston.com
Patricia Langdon '68 pattilangdon1950[at]gmail.com Retired from Boeing (30 yr) living on cusp of Mukilteo, retired and very happy.
Phil Lavik '68 plavik[at]charter.net I am happily married to Christine since 1972 with four children and three grandchildren. I taught school for two years, pastored for twenty-two years, was a NW representative for an international Christian broadcasting ministry for three years and am presently serving as a Chaplain at the Living Care Retirement Community in Yakima, Washington.
Katherine "Kathy" (Lewis) Hawk '68 katherinelewis[at]centurytel.net I live on a small farm in Kingston with my husband, Sam Hawk,who was one year ahead of me at QA. I have worked as a college teacher, landscaper, commercial fisher woman and am now mostly retired and watching the trees grow. I write poetry, paint pictures, ride a good horse, keep a garden.
Astrid (Lunde) Feldman '68 rakfeldman2[at]comcast.net
Andrea D. "Ande" Maillet '68 sistersranch[at]gmail.com A Ballard and then U W graduate. Worked since the late 70s as a public transportation coordinator and later as a senior transportation planner. Live in Seattle with husband who is a senior environmental planner, our son, cat and two dogs. Just about to move our son over to WSU. When not working love to garden, travel, read, cook for friends and family, and volunteer at the Burke Museum.
Doug Martin '68 docomartin[at]aol.com After spending many years in Richland with the DoD, we now live in Lynnwood. Married 35 years, two children 28 and 31, and two grandchildren - the joy of our lives.
After 30 years in contracts and negotiations, we are considering retirement.
Scott E Mayhew '68 se.mayhew[at]comcast.net I'm retired,living in Freeland Wa. with my wife Karin.Enjoying the slow Island pace.No traffic,sorry Seattle.
Teri K (McGuinn) Beard '68 teri.sez.hi[at]gmail.com
Kathy (McQuaker) Reynolds '68 kreynold1[at]hotmail.com
Frank Mora '68 fmsrdrill[at]gmail.com Currently living in Puyallup, Washington. Newly Married, and retired and enjoying both. Did over 18 years of military service (Army), and worked in civil service for 16 years at the Seattle Veterans Hospital. Enjoying life with my two daughters and two grandchildren. Enjoy hearing from and about former Classmates.
Mike Murphy '68 thormurphy[at]hotmail.com I have moved up out of southern Utah, and me and my family are now living in Colfax,Wa. I have been married to Patty for 31 + years. We have raised 4 wonderful kids,two if which live with in 6 miles of us. We have been blessed with 4,and one on the way, grandchildern. We lived in Utah for 30 years,till the kids started to have grandbabys with out us. So about a year ago we moved to Colfax. Over the last 30 years I have stayed friends with many other Grizzlies. I would like to hear from others out there.
Kathy (Nelsen) Nelson '68 fredw44[at]comcast.net My dad and uncle owned the oldest store at 4th and Galer, Nelsen's Grocery. It closed in 2000.
Daniel J Nordlund '68 djnordlund[at]frontier.com Married since 1974. We have two children and two grandchildren and have lived in the Bothell/Mill Creek, WA area since 1991 (after 15 years in Ohio). Currently working for WA State DSHS doing medical service and economics research.
David M Otto '68 Daidmotto33[at]gmaii.com In a way surprised to live long enough to retire. Now, married 39 years, & reclaiming the yard with landscaping & gardening as hobby in Federal Way. I'm trying to be the perfect example of an inner city hermit.
Craig D Peterson '68 craigandcandise[at]gmail.com Been married for 25 years. live in Lynnwood. Three lovely daughters. Retired on april fools day 2006 and I'm enjoying life.
Dennis C Rabe '68 dcrabepepsi[at]comcast.net would like to connect with my friends from high school
Jan (Renard) Murphy '68 Janrmurphy[at]gmail.com We moved from Queen Anne Hill to Broadview so I didn't attend QAHS. I went to Coe School, then Thompson Jr. High then Ingraham, graduating in 1968. I have lived in Roswell, GA for 30 years but am still a Northwesterner at heart!
Donald P Reynolds '68 dp.areynolds[at]hotmail.com Married for 35years now to Joan (Holly Names), 3 wonderful, successful kids. Opened my own optical store in 88, still going strong. Handing it off to my eldest and co-worker.
David E Rice '68 daviderice[at]sbcglobal.net Have lived in Katy, TX since 1976 working for GE since 1972. Married late in 1982 to Janie who I met at church singles group. Four kids - late one goes to college Fall of '10!
Jefrie S (Ringstad) Adams '68 docjef[at]comcast.net Still healthy and enjoying fife with family & friends!
Curt Rowell '68 Need Valid Email Living in Easton, PA. Daily commute to the day job in NYC. Not likely to retire soon!
Joy (Sawyer) Amundson '68 amundjoy[at]gmail.com
Renee R (Shearer) Williams '68 reneerobin[at]Frontier.com
John Shiels '68 shielsjw[at]frontier.com Mountlake Terrace, WA
Michael F Smith '68 mikesme[at]seattleu.edu Spent youth traveling, working, partying. Settled down finally in 1987 back in Seattle. Single parent, raised two great kids who recently graduated from Law School and College. Work at Seattle University. Wow.....that went quickly
Michael Stangland '68 mstangland4472[at]roadrunner.com I'm currently residing in the Southern California area and looking forward to attending the upcoming 40th.
Steven Lowell Vadman '68 slvadman7[at]gmail.com Happily married for 35 years, two great sons, living in Kirkland for 31 years, Retired from Boeing after 30 years in 2009. Enjoying Retirement.
Lucelle E (Van Kempen) Barrett-Biechler '68 Lucelle7[at]aol.com I currently live in Lake Stevens, married to husband Buzz, have 3 daughters and 3 grandkids, and am actively involved with Snohomish Community Church. I will be retiring this June from teaching 6th grade in the Edmonds School District. I look forward to turning off the annoying 😂 alarm clock, & celebrating my successful career by traveling first to Hawaii, followed by an extended European extravaganza this fall! Yahoo!👏🍷🍾
Charles R "Bob" Van Tassel '68 charlesrvantassel[at]yahoo.com Single, two daughters grown and gone, living in Mukilteo
Jean M (Versoi) Holdcraft '68 JeannieMarieHol[at]gmail.com Would love to hear from all Grizzlies I've known over the years!
Sharon L (Waliser) Johnson '68 Slj.marissamoon[at]gmail.com
NathanB "Bud" Warner Jr '68 honestnate49[at]live.com My best to you all! I am happy hear in the central rockies of Colorado.
Judith Weden '68 judith.weden[at]sunnysideschools.org Would love to hear from my friends.
Elizabeth "Betsy" (Weeks) Pankey '68 ewpgull[at]comcast.net Attended University of Arizona, Tuscon, after graduating QA. Married in 1971, daughter born in 1972 and after living in Arkansas for 2yrs and CA for 4, we moved back to WA. We live in Shoreline. I'm a freelance humorous illustrator/graphic designer/caricaturist and newsletter editor. Let's do coffee sometime.
Joyce Wells '68 joycelwells[at]hotmail.com I am a music teacher in an elementary school in upstate New York. For more than 20 years I traveled the world with am organization that teaches meditation and self-dicsovery. I still practice and serve that. I lived for several years in India and studied Indian music as well. Happy, healthy and very grateful. Often remember the years at Queen Anne and would love to hear from any of you. All the best!
Barbara "Barbee" (Weyer) Twaddell '68 Barbtwaddell[at]comcast.net I am a retired research RN working for many years for the UW at Harborview Medical Center, focusing mainly on clinical drug trials. I was married for 37 years but sadly now widowed. Luckily I have two wonderful daughters and so far only one super cute grandson. I have lived in Richmond Beach in Shoreline for 35 years and I like to oil paint in my spare time.
Charles E "Charley" Wheaton '68 bealeaderchas[at]hotmail.com Married to Janet Wallace since 1971. Two grown children, Lisa 29 and Mark 26. School administrator since 1982. Currently living in Granger, WA, sort of retired after 33 years in education but working in Wapato School District as Executive Director of Support Operations.
Helen C (Wright) Greatorex '68 hgreatorex[at]hotmail.com
Gary "Gare" (Apsel) Simpson '69 dianamsimpson[at]gmail.com My last name in school was Apsel. I used my stepfathers last name. I now live in Chandler, Arizona. My wifes name is Diana. We have been togheter since December, 1989. I sell real estate. She owns a private hair salon. Life is good!
Harry Brandes '69 A1mekanic[at]aol.com saw some familiar names,thought i would say hello

john garbe,bill leak,susan hamrick,alan mcmurray
Janis M. (Bridges) Jenkins '69 janisjenkins[at]hotmail.com Married to Lowell Jenkins ('60) 4 adult children and 6 grandkids. Now living on Camano Island.
Victoria L "Vicki" (Brown) Will '69 vdub0423[at]yahoo.com I've been living in Puyallup area for the past 15+ years. I have one daughter and am hoping to be a grandmother some day! Hope to hear from some of the old (sorry, it has been almost 40 years!) classmates.
Mark H. Covey '69 markhcovey[at]gmail.com Hey to all my "69" classmated. I reside in Richmond, VA with my wife Kathy. My 2 sons live in near Seattle. We now have 3 fantastic grandkids.
Lee Cowan '69 leecowan12[at]aol.com Santa Clara,CA married 34 years, 3 daughters, son & grandson.
Wm. Rory "Rory" Crowder '69 RoryCrowder[at]yahoo.com After Living on QA and Magnolia for a lot of years, now living In Oakland, California, married to childhood first crush :) Shannon Rubicam ['69], two great kids, inventor of software programs to visualize stock market trends [Stockalizer] & black box stock market money management programs [Change Point Analytics] to time the stock market, UW and Evergreen grad... Wishing you all well ~ our class was an extraordingary group, fun to think of..
D Richard Dance '69 alanrdance[at]gmail.com Married 39 years, 8 kids, 5 married, 3 to go, 15 grandkids. Lived for 35 years in Bellevue. Just moved in July of 2012 to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. CPA in tax mitigation, real estate, and alternative investments. Just chosen by CDA Chamber of Commerce to be sponsored triathlete for 2013. Blog daily about training and life in general at cdatriathlon.blogspot.com Stop by if you are in town. We are 8 miles north of I-90 in Hayden.
Tim Donohue '69 timdonohue[at]aol.com Udub 73. US Navy fighter pilot 73-79. Retired (2014) Captain with United Airlines in San Francisco. Married to Dorothy McMichael Holy Names 69.
Carla (Driggers) Kirch '69 carlakirch[at]hotmail.com I still work for Seattle Schools, however, I am at a new school, Queen Anne Elementary! This school will move to the Old John Hay building this summer. I have two grown children and my daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in June.
Jim Eicher '69 Eich007[at]aol.com Bellevue, WA
Brian K. Feldman '69 brian.k.feldman[at]gmail.com Living a great life, in Covington, with my 2-dogs and 1-cat. All spoiled, but I get it back 10-fold. I have 3 grown children, and 5 grandkids. Does it get any better? I would enjoy hearing from any of my QA classmates.
Marsha (Finkel) Dettorre '69 marshadettorre[at]msn.com
Gail A (Fleury) Holt '69 gail.holt51[at]gmail.com I have been married to a wonderful guy, Bill, for 20 years and have 2 grown sons, Bret and Jesse Bunich. They have given us the gift of 3 sweet grandchildren, 4, 3 and 1 years old. We live in Issaquah, where I am enjoying retirement.
Karen A (Fouts) Moore '69 kak50[at]embarqmail.com I am presently living in Poulsbo enjoy gardening, family, and church activities.
Fred W Gallimore '69 fredg[at]speakerlab.com BA and MBA from Seattle University. I spend mnay years doing accounting and financial management. Currretly, by wife and I are principal owners of Speakerlab and living in Woodinville
John Garbe '69 john_garbe[at]hotmail.com
Maureen (Gordon) Royal '69 dmoroyal[at]earthlink.net Concrete, WA
Mike Gove '69 akmike2wi[at]sbcglobal.net 20 Years in the military, (USMC/Army) from graduation in 69. Remember Ron Comfort, Fred Gallimore,Bob Tarcea,(grade school at N.Queen Anne). John Taylor, Danny Peterson, Byron Henshaw, Warren Johnson at QA. 20 years in Alaska,now in Wisconsin.
Marcia A. (Gowey) Townsend '69 hastielake[at]gmail.com Married many years, 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren.
Harland "Lou" Hambrecht '69 louham91151[at]yahoo.com Retired and soon to be traveling the USA in our rv with my wife Nancy. Our daughter Amber is a NICU at Swedish.
Susan L (Hamrick) McMurray '69 Suemc98[at]yahoo.com
Norman D "Norm" Hardy '69 nk_hardy[at]msn.com Married Karen (Dupper QA75) 7/11/1981. Karen passed away in August of 2015. I continue teaching at Seattle Prep as a math teacher, and continue to enjoy motorcycling ever since I was a high school junior.
Sharon (Harris) Fernandes '69 esseff[at]ifiber.tv Still married to my Hawaiian surfer (40 years now) w/2 kids, Roxanne and Tony. Rox is married and a gymnastics coach. Tony is single and S/Sgt in the USAF stationed in HI. I write a legal reference manual and web site in the field of workers' compensation and am published in the Harvard Law Library. Alan & I live in Eastern WA now on a little farm and enjoy a rural lifestyle.
Sonia (Hatfield) Tress '69 bstressy[at]comcast.net Graduated from WWU, lived and taught in Australia for 23 1/2 years and now live in Lynnwood and now teach in Everett. I'd love to hear from other graduates.
Elaine l Hellem '69 prairiechick7[at]hotmail.com
Carroll R. Hershey '69 hershey_c[at]bellsouth.net Huntsville, Alabama
Muriel (Hildreth) McBride '69 rbeemer[at]comcast.net
David L. Hutchinson '69 david.hutchinson[at]axa-advisors.com
Gayle A "Jake" (Jacobson) Hoffman '69 Gayleahoffman[at]gmail.com Lives in SW Washington with husband, Steve (68). Three grown children. Retired and happy with 5 wonderful grandchildren!
Jennifer A. (Jones) Pecknold '69 Ann1p[at]aol.com Revised: My Dear husband Cliff passed away on April 27th 2014,one day short of his 66th birthday.We married August 23rd 1969,I was 18 he was 21,we celebrated 44 years together before his death,but we have two children,and seven grandchildren.!.Ive enjoyed the ride.Love you all.Jennifer Jones Pecknold.
Stephen V "Josh" Joshua '69 steve_joshua[at]hotmail.com Would love to get mail for you all now living in England south coast close to Isle of Wight near the town of Lymington, working as a maintenence engineer at a holiday park www.shorefield.co.uk come over and see me some time???
Paul Julien '69 julienpr[at]yahoo.com I am currently living in Muscat, Oman having previously lived in Gabon, west Africa, Morocco, France and Puerto Rico after leaving the Seattle area in 1996. After lettering 4 years varsity crew at the UW I skied professionally in the winters and used my forestry degree in the summers. I then made some notable achievements in the scuba, windsurfing and kayaking industries for the next 15+ years before finally escaping the rainy Northwest for the Caribbean!
Tim Kauppila '69 kuaytim[at]earthlink.net A quiet guy who played on the chess team. I'm now active in some newsgroups using the name Kuay Tim.
Eileen (Kiesel) Schoener '69 dsgnr2[at]aol.com Bellevue, WA
Celia R. (Knapp) Brunette '69 ruthiebru61[at]gmail.com Living simply in West Sonoma County in a yurt, with a meditation practice and a radio show on KOWS.FM,looking forward as the next phase of my life unfolds.
Dirk H. Kristensen '69 dhkristensen[at]glosten.com
Sandra M. "Sandy" (Landis) Davis '69 sdavis699[at]gmail.com My husband Glenn and I live in Sumner. We have 3 grown children, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-granchildren.
William C. "Bill" Leak '69 wcleak[at]hotmail.com We built a house near St. Edward State Park in Kenmore in '87. Married since '74, with two adult kids, 2 grand sons, and a granddaughter.   I'm on LinkedIn, with a career oriented around construction.
Sandi (Lorentz) Marrs '69 sandilmarrs[at]msn.com Bellevue, WA
Kip McAtee '69 kipm[at]hawaii.rr.com I've lived in Hawaii since 1991. I'm still playing guitar professionally. Visit my web site at: http://guitarhawaii.weebly.com
Steve McBride '69 steve_mcbride[at]msn.com Mukilteo, WA
Alan D. Meaux '69 a-lmeaux[at]comcast.net I graduated from Kailua HS in Hawaii but I attended Queen Anne from 1963-64 (7th grade) and later from 1966-67 (10th grade).
Pat Mills '69 patmillsqa[at]yahoo.com I never did make it to medical school. But I was a military medic. I am now retired/disabled, and living in Spanaway, WA.
Cathy L (Norris) Steiger '69 cathyns[at]teleport.com In greater Vancouver, WA area. Long married, 2 grown kids
Tim Orden '69 tim[at]timorden.com I was a rabble rouser back in the day. Haven't changed much... I live in Hawaii.
GREG R PEASE '69 grpease[at]yahoo.com
MARC S PEASE '69 marcpease[at]comcast.net
Dana M "Danny" Peterson '69 danapeterson[at]me.com Hello Class of 69 hope you all are doing find.
Christy (Pickard) Monroe '69 christy_monroe[at]msn.com
Stephanie (Pitman) Lokkebo '69 slokkebo[at]yahoo.com I am recently retired from the Sedro-Woolley School District. Now spend my time with our two cats and work in the yard. I also help organize the annual Sedro-Woolley Community Thanksgiving Dinner held on Thanksgiving Day.
Karen E. (Read) Savereux '69 maka3[at]yahoo.com
Sue A "Suzi" (Rhodes) Hill '69 azhills2[at]gmail.com Married 39 years and now living in the Northwest.
Gail L Ricksecker '69 gail.ricksecker[at]telia.com I've lived in Stockholm Sweden since 1975 but would love to keep in touch with old friends from high school. I work as a translator from English to Swedish, and travelling to Greece is my summer passion.
Patricia E "Patty" (Riddle) Pride '69 perpride[at]gmail.com Olympia, WA
Dave Sauerbrey '69 davesauerbrey[at]msn.com Have lived in Vancouver, wa for 28 years. Retired from Vancouver Fire Department and now working for Clark County Fire District 5. Annie & I have 3 wonderful daughters from a "yours, mine & ours" marriage (27, 21 & 17). We spend the majority of our free time climbing mountains & whitewater rafting...
Tom Sawers '69 thosaw3323[at]gmail.com Retired in Magnolia
Pat (Schoolnik) Sanders '69 pattyjean56[at]hotmail.com
Paul "Craig" Smith '69 golfercraig[at]comcast.net Living on Queen Anne Hill, Program Manager for Boeing, daughter Shayne is a Marketing/Advertising Designer for Amazon.com, son Colin is a Junior at the University of Washington after completing his Navy service in 2014.
Kevan F. Smith '69 kfsmith[at]cableone.net I am living in Fargo, ND with my wife Priscilla. I serve at Hope Lutheran Church on the pastoral staff. With retirement coming in a few years we look forwarded to our return to the Northwest. My parents still live on Queen Anne...in their 90's!
Carolyn A. (Speer) Hart '69 carolynahart1[at]gmail.com
Paul Storey '69 paulstorey[at]live.com Electronics engineer in research and development of integrated circuits, vision systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, and artifical consciousness for 33 years.
Sig "Tony" Swanstrom '69 sigswanstrom[at]zoho.com San Antonio, Texas.
John C Taylor '69 banjogibson[at]msn.com
Mark A Trotter '69 mark.trotter[at]live.com (April 2011) Married since '82, two grown kids (one married, one not yet), no grandkids. Go to Overlake Christian. Working as a sr program manager in IT for Coinstar/redbox in Bellevue. Will be doing STP.
Jenny M. (Vike) Kollen '69 jmkollen[at]comcast.net Living in Magnolia. Married to Karl, class of 59. We are enjoying our retirement, our 2 grown daughters and 1 precious grandaughter who is such a joy! Looking forward to our 40th reunion!
Debbi (Watts) Lawrence '69 deblawrence.az[at]gmail.com Leased and managed commercial real estate for companies in Seattle and Boston for 20 years and now work in the not-for-profit sector. Live in AZ with husband, Dan. Married for 42 years; raised 2 sons and our niece on our farm in Hobart, WA. Five active grandkids keep life interesting and fun.
Alan "Al" Wicklund '69 alwicklund[at]comcast.net
Bonnie J (Wilkinson) Johnson '69 bjohnson[at]williamsanderson.com I'd love to hear from old friends.
Mary L "Linda" (Wordsworth) Thomas '69 lindalovesbeach[at]gmail.com Stephen & I have retired from Missions work in Thailand. We are living in Minnesota. Daughter, Letitia, is a Sophomore at Jamestown University, North Dakota. She is planning to teach Children K-3, Special Needs Students and English as a Second Language students.
We are active in our local church, and as volunteers in the community. Daughter, Jennifer, has two children, & lives in Caldwell, Idaho. I would love to hear from any fellow alums. If you are traveling, plan to stop and visit with us.
Kathy J. (Wright) Semf '69 kjw-s[at]sbcglobal.net